Seraphine sent me a very beautiful Blue & Navy Block Nursing Dress to review and try out with my post-pregnancy body (which still isn’t quite back to normal) and I could see all the advantages that it would have given me if I wore it whilst pregnant. I love Seraphine products and I have a big wish list for items I want to purchase and Seraphine products are on that list, they still appeal to me even though I know they are for maternity/nursing women. SM0A5685

It is one of those dresses that you can wear as a casual outfit in the daytime, for work or just because but with a nice pair of shoes, jewellery and a glitzy handbag you have a gorgeous evening outfit. I love clothes that I can do this with, the softness of this dress makes you feel really comfortable and I love wearing it with my big over sized cardigans. Because of the sash fitted around the middle of the dress it really shows off your figure, whether you are pregnant or not. I don’t have a particularly large chest and this dress makes the most out of that. There are slips to the chest area that means you can easily breast feed and discreetly too, more importantly! From one mum to another, it washes perfectly and I have even had it through the tumble dryer and it did not alter the dress or mis-shape it, which made me happy as it does say not to tumble dry it (Please do not try that at home).



As you can see I still had a little baby belly at this point, Isla was 5 months old, but I do not feel bad in the dress and when I look back to last October I can see how much it complimented my motherly figure. It was a perfect dress for the wedding too and I had many compliments about it, because it is elegant and complimenting it really stands out. I must admit I do wish I had had this dress before Isla came along too as it would have been extremely comfortable, the sash would have helped keep the style of the dress whilst making it fit around the big baby bump. No it is not an excuse for me to have another baby!


You can buy this versatile dress from Seraphine, it is £55.00 and considering it is one of those dresses I can still wear even after the bumps have gone, it is really worth the money. You can see all of the Seraphine products on their website: You can follow them on Twitter: @SeraphineLtd  and like them on the Seraphine Facebook page.

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