I have been very grateful to Theraline over the past few weeks, my original maternity and nursing pillow has been the best thing and I really do not know how I coped without it.

When it first arrived, I ran straight to the sofa with it and propped myself in the middle of the V, so that the pillow arms almost hugged me, it was a great idea! It made sitting on the sofa so comfortable, whereas before I was finding it hard to get comfortable. If I leant back too far my tummy felt stretched, if I sat up too straight then my back started to ache and this pillow just helped you sit in the right position with the right support, so that you didn’t feel this discomfort.

20120304-213721.jpgThat night I took my maternity pillow to bed and used the instruction sheet provided with the pillow, to guide me on how best to use it at night time, so that I get a good nights sleep and a comfortable one! I found it most comfortable to lie with the pillow in-between my legs, under and around the bump and then I nuzzle my head into the pillow. It doesn’t really look very comfortable, at all, from the photo – but trust me; it is! The micro-beading filling is really comfortable too, its not noisy and moulds around you, which is useful as my head, bump and legs snuggle around it just perfectly at night time.

For the next 9 weeks, I know I am going to continue using the pillow at night time and for sitting doing my blog updates 🙂 – if I could take it to work, in the car and around peoples houses with me, then I would. I cannot recommend this pillow enough to pregnant women, who are starting to feel uncomfortable sitting and sleeping.

After the baby is born, it will still be useful for keeping me in a good position whilst I am sitting with baby; feeding, cuddling, snoozing and just chilling. It is also designed to help with breast feeding, it helps by providing a platform to rest your arm and baby, whilst the little bundle feeds comfortably and gives you back support too.  Have a look at the Theraline website for more information on breast feeding with your pillow.

You can view the details of the Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow on the Theraline UK website: http://www.theraline.co.uk/nursingpillows-original-theraline.htm
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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018