Mykonos has many idyllic places to visit with your partner. Apart from its natural beauties, you will find a lot of romantic restaurants, accommodation and picturesque sightseeing spots where you and your partner can create some special memories together.

  • Choices of accommodation for couples

The best accommodation you can find in Mykonos if you are visiting the island with your partner is either a suite in a five star resort or a Mykonos Villa.

Five star resorts offer a lot of amenities, facilities and services so that you and your lover don’t spend time on searching where to eat or organizing your visits to a spa. They have some great suites, usually equipped with a private swimming pool, Jacuzzis, big verandas to watch the sunset or the calming sea view. Using the resort’s concierge services you can have  a romantic dinner for two or enjoy a massage session in your room with your partner.

Villas in Mykonos offer a lot of privacy and space for a couple’s romantic moments. They also have private swimming pools, Jacuzzis and balconies with a view. They additionally have big beautiful gardens and big indoor areas. By hiring a private chef you can have your romantic dining at you garden, your private dining room or your veranda. 

A third suggestion for more adventurous couples would be renting a luxury yacht. Yachts come with a full crew and you can hire any additional staff you may need such as chefs, butlers or entertainers. You can visit the most isolated and idyllic beaches of the island or stay on the yacht, having some great moments surrounded by the sea.

  • Romantic landscapes (little venice / sunsets)

You may have seen Little Venice in postcards or your friends’ photos. Although visitors say that it is impossible to capture all the beauty of the small neighborhood in Chora in a photo, you may get a small idea about it. Little Venice has many cafes and restaurants around it so you can eat or drink a cocktail in one of them enjoying the gorgeous view.

The most romantic time of the day is sunset and sunsets in Mykonos are spectacular. You can admire the beautiful colors with your partner from your room’s balcony, your swimming pool or at one of the western beaches of the island. 

  • Dream your wedding in Mykonos

The last few years a big number of weddings are organized in Mykonos. Couples from all over the world choose this small Cycladic island for their most important day in their lives. The fact is that in Mykonos you can have the wedding you are dreaming about.

Mykonos has around 500 churches and chapels. Among them you will find a lot of isolated small churches, perfect for a romantic wedding. Big hotels have their own team specialized on organizing weddings but you will also find concierge services agencies that will prepare every detail for your special day.

While you and your partner are on vacations in Mykonos you can get some ideas about your wedding. Dream about the church, the wedding party, your favorite decoration and leave the boring details to the specialists.

  • Romantic restaurants (Koursaros/Remezzo/Interni)

Mykonos has a lot of restaurants of any kind. Among them you will find some that are really idyllic and where couples can have a perfect, romantic dinner.

Koursaros restaurant is located at the center of Mykonos Town and has a big inner garden. The decoration is mainly white and feels like you are in the sea or a luxury yacht. Fine dining here meets here with a romantic ambience.

You will find Remezzo restaurant in a wonderful location at the end of Old Port right at the edge of the sea. The view is magnificent, the gourmet dishes are delicious and the decoration is modern and romantic.

Interni bar restaurant is located in the center of Mykonos Town at Matogianni area. It has a spacious beautiful garden with tables under tall trees and it is surrounded by a stone wall, offering isolation from the street noise. A small chapel at the end of its bar, the luxurious decoration and the light of hundreds of candles create the perfect dining atmosphere for couples.

Have you visited Mykonos before? Do you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them in the comments below. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 12th December 2018