Summer is just around the corner and many of us will be looking forward to enjoying hazy days in the sunshine and hanging out with friends and family. If your outdoor space is currently bland or lifeless, don’t panic. Here are some simple ways to create a gorgeous garden. 

Plants, trees and flowers

One of the easiest and most effective ways to breathe life into any outdoor space is to add plants, trees and flowers. Whether you have a big garden or a bijou yard, you can inject colour and vibrancy by planting flowers in beds or using planters, pots and containers to spruce up patios, decking and porches. If you’re not a horticultural expert, don’t worry. You can opt for plants that are ready to go straight into beds or planters and follow the instructions. Potted trees are a stunning addition to paved areas and entertaining spaces and they work brilliantly in both modern and traditional gardens. 

Attention to detail

Paying attention to detail can help you elevate a basic design and create a unique, stylish space. Investing in accessories and adding finishing touches will smarten up your garden and help you celebrate and showcase your style and creativity. Use accessories to carry themes or trends or add a new colourway and details such as traditional metal garden edging to create a professional aesthetic. Before you start browsing products, think about the kind of look you want to recreate and the vibe you’re looking for. From a tranquil, relaxing Bohemian-style outdoor oasis to an ultra-modern, cosmopolitan al fresco entertaining space, you can choose a trend and then use accessories, details, colours and prints to create the garden of your dreams. Popular accessories include outdoor soft furnishings, ornaments, planters and pots and outdoor lights and lanterns. 


Many of us love spending time in the garden when the days get longer and it’s still warm in the evening. Adding outdoor lighting is a brilliant way to enhance the look of your garden and make it more functional and versatile. With lights, you can use your garden all year round and add ambience. There’s a huge range of styles to choose from, including industrial-style string lights, romantic fairy lights, Moroccan style lanterns, modern up-lighters and spotlights for pathways, sunken decking and entertaining areas. 


When we get a sunny day, we want to be able to relax, soak up the rays and have fun with the kids outside. While there’s nothing wrong with putting rugs and beach towels down on the ground, adding a seating area will transform your outdoor space. Depending on the style of your garden and the amount of room you have, you can choose from hammocks, bean bags, deck chairs and benches or sofa sets, hanging chairs, picnic tables and formal dining table and chair sets. Add cushions, throws and outdoor floor coverings to add colour or carry your theme. 

Summer is on the horizon and most of us will be looking forward to spending time in the garden. If your garden is currently crying out for a bit of TLC or it looks dull and lifeless, take these simple tips on board to spruce up your outdoor space in time for long, sunny days. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 20th May 2021