It’s that time of year again when you start thinking about buying nice gifts for the kiddies teachers, after all they have just given the kids good school reports and saying thank you is important to us. We received these fabulous goodies from Card Factory to show what amazing gifts they have to offer, including personalised ones. Oh and Card Factory are offering 1 free A6 card with any Teacher gift this week!

There are so many wonderful gifts for Teacher and cards on the Card Factory website, they have a dedicated Thank you Teacher section and you can choose from the different items; cards, gifts and search by price too. I love the personalised cards and gifts. Noah and Isla chose a personalised card for each of their teachers, there are 3 as Noah has 2 teachers that job share. Isla chose the Blue Owl design for her teacher and personalised it. Noah chose the Fruit and Tea design for his teachers and also personalised them.

Thank you Teacher cards

Both children really love their teachers, it’s so nice to hear them talking so highly and respectfully of them. I remember back to my school days and some of my teachers were not so nice; my favourites were the ones that cared. That made more of an impression to me than anything else and I think the kids are the same. They know that their teachers care and it has been move evident due to the pandemic. The star confetti balloon is such a lovely touch when handing over the gifts to the teacher.

Card Factory

The Top Class Teacher cup is for Isla’s teacher, she thinks he will love his morning coffee in that next term. Noah chose these fab Best Teacher Ever wine glasses for his teachers; I am hoping they like a glass of wine at the end of term! The kids also chose the lovely personalised notebooks too; they are only £4.99 and will definitely come in handy for the teachers to prep for their new classes next school term.

We all know that this school year has been difficult, if I recall we had 2 lots of homeschooling to contend with and lots of anxious children; it’s definitely been a year to celebrate our fabulous teachers. Are you going to get your teachers personalised goodies?

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Last Update: Thursday, 15th July 2021