It’s back to work for me, back into the normal routine now the children are back to school and Pen Heaven took me back to my youth. I received a very beautiful Filofax – do you remember those? I remember having one of these when I was younger and pretending I was a hot shot business woman and in demand. So needed to be ultra organised with my pages. It hasn’t changed a bit, it’s just a very retro organiser now. 

I love stationery, it is no secret, and this is just the most fun I have had with an organiser for years. The Filofax Finsbury A5 organiser has everything you could possibly want: a clearly laid-out diary with a double-page spread for each week and white and coloured pages for jotting down notes. The lovely raspberry cover features a zip pocket and space for credit cards and ID, making this the only accessory you’ll need to battle through those busy days at work. I am very grateful for Pen Heaven for thinking of me, I love it.

The Filofax range is great because you can re-organise the pages easily. Rip out content easily and order more pages to add. I have highlighters in the cover, pens and lots of fun stickers to colour in the book. It’s really useful for work and home, I have to juggle so much on a daily basis that it comes in super handy. Everyone needs one! 

This wonderful Filofax costs £78 and comes in a variety of colours, you get the cover and the diary papers, with the coloured note paper to start you off. You can add your own accessories and pens. 

Did you have an organiser  when you were younger? If so, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 12th September 2018