National Stationery Week – Pen Heavens top 5 fountain pens!

I love stationery. In fact, I feel I may have an unhealthy obsession with it. I have pens just because I liked the look of the pen. Admittedly it isn’t an expensive obsession, which is a bonus! National stationery week (my favourite kind of week) is a great week to celebrate my love for pens and all things stationery. Pen Heaven have some fabulous products that are just perfect for a special gift for someone (or to top up your stationery collection). 

I received a beautiful calligraphy set from Pen Heaven which I have been practising with. It is a work of art trying to get the calligraphy just right and also trying to stop the blotches from occurring. It is very calming to practise though, I find it really relaxing. It is a great thing to do to help mindfulness. Scribbling thoughts and feelings down in a journal can also help relieve anxiety when you’re feeling troubled. I am always writing, whether that be digitally on the blog or in my mindfulness journal or making scribbles on a large piece of paper. I find sometimes it just helps creativity. 

Learning calligraphy is like learning a new language, you literally look at each letter completely uniquely and make up the words. Using a dip pen is really hard work, but I have enjoyed trying it out like they did traditionally. I can picture someone sitting there with the feather quill and scribbling onto a music score, with the sun beaming down on the grand piano. 

Top 5 fountain pens from Pen Heaven

With sales of the humble fountain pen steadily increasing, the demand for the age-old writing instrument is as popular as ever. An essential item for any stationery lover, and sure to be top of the list of pen aficionados, the fountain pen is the go-to tool for keen writers worldwide, providing an individual writing style that other pen types can only aspire to. So they have created a list of their top 5 fountain pens to help celebrate national stationery week, they all look very nice but my favourite has to be the traditional quill pen. What do you think?

Viceroy Barley Sterling Silver fountain pen, £379

Classic Fountain Pen by Graf von Faber, £439

Lamy AL-Star bluegreen fountain pen, £23

Platinum 3776 with music nib, £159

Otto Hut Design 02, £145

What are your favourite stationery items? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media. 

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