Cadbury Buttons asked me to talk about my precious shared moments with the children, how it made us feel and it was such a great thing to do. I absolutely love the finished video, it makes butterflies appear in my tummy and I yearn for a cuddle with the little ones. I had a lot of fun working on this project with Channel Mum too, they are an amazing group of Mummy vloggers that cover all things from awesome hacks to family matters.

I have lots of moments that are precious, I couldn’t decide on three easily. So I thought about one which was quite recent, for me and that was holding my finger and her lovely monkey to get to sleep at night time. Then I asked the children what they thought their most precious moments are. Noah, quite predictably, talked about his cars and how he loves to build tracks with them and how it makes him feel “ten hundred” happy. I love the things these little ones come out with. Little Isla talked about her love for singing, and cuddling monkey of course. She sings all the time, it’s so cute watching her singing up and down the house, especially when she doesn’t know you are watching. I caught her singing on camera quite recently so watch out for that on YouTube – a little star in the making I am sure.



I think the Cadbury Buttons campaign #TasteLikeThisFeels is brilliant, it really does make you think about little moments that sometimes you take for granted, in the quickness of everyday life. Cadbury Buttons are also running a competition with this campaign and you could win one of five digital cameras and a box of Cadbury Buttons. Yummy! All you have to do is share your precious moments using the hashtag #TasteLikeThisFeels and tag @channelmum on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The competition closes at midnight on 6 July 2016. 

You can see my video of our precious moments on my YouTube channel, or watch the video below:

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Last Update: Monday, 13th June 2016