Preparing for a baby is a very happy time, but there is a lot that you have to get done before your new born arrives. With all of my pregnant friends around me, it got me thinking about the things you really need. What do you need to purchase in advance in order to be certain that you have everything that your baby could possibly need once he or she is home with you? Check out my tips on what you need to be totally ready for baby’s arrival. A very special life event.

Purchase and set up your baby’s cot

Your baby’s cot is an essential part of making your child feel safe and secure, and it will help your son or daughter fall fast asleep for the night or for a nap by day. In addition to purchasing and setting up a cot that meets the latest safety requirements for babies, you should also dress it up with a comfortable baby mattress and soft blankets. You can find a variety of bedding options on the Threel web site if you are looking for ideas.

A car seat is essential, too

To safely transport your baby in your car, you will also need to purchase a car seat that is built to the latest safety standards. Before actually putting your baby in the car seat, however, make sure that you figure out how to use it properly so that it will securely fit into your car and keep your baby secure at all times. You can even purchase a car seat that will snap into place and be easy to take out so that you can carry your baby in the seat even after you have arrived at your destination.

The actual essentials

You should also make it a point to purchase all of the necessary baby essentials prior to delivering your baby so that these are waiting for you at home when you arrive from the hospital. Purchase a few baby bottles with nipples, a bottle brush for thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning the bottles, and a large diaper bag that you can pack with a receiving blanket, diapers, a change of baby clothes, a plastic bag for diapers that are soiled, and a washcloth or baby wipes. This will ensure that you will have everything you need for your baby both at home and on the go.

Blackout blinds for the baby’s room

Another great product for your baby’s room would be blackout blinds. These will be a godsend when your baby is struggling to fall asleep during the day because the sun is streaming in through the window.

Clothes for your baby

When you are setting up your baby’s bedroom with his or her furniture, cot, rocking chair, and changing table, make sure you pack it with plenty of baby clothes for both day and night. Your baby will grow quickly, so purchase a few different sizes so that you will be fully prepared, without having to go out and purchase new clothes all the time.

As you prepare for your baby’s arrival, you’re sure to become extremely excited. Be sure to take in every moment along the way.

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