Children up and down the country are gearing up for their end of year sports day and our family is no different. We had two lots of sports days to attend on Friday 1 July. We had a fab day. Noah won his running race. It’s such a lovely feeling. But for us parents, who are washing their PE kits, it can prove a real nightmare to remove those dreaded outdoor stains. You know the ones: grass, mud or even sun cream spills. All of these can prove difficult stains to remove from clothes. The ACE Angels are here to help with some top tips to ensure you won’t have to worry about these stains again – leaving you to concentrate fully on winning that very competitive parents race!

Mud stains:

1.     Let the stain dry, as washing when wet can make it worse.

2.     Once dry, pick off any hard dry mud.

3.     Finally, wash the clothing as normal with the usual detergent and a capful of ACE for Colours!

Grass stains:

1.     Alcohol is great for removing the green pigmentation left by grass. But before use, remember to read the care label and test on a discreet area first. Then simply apply a small amount to a clean sponge and dab it across the stain.

2.     Don’t wipe or scrub – as you’ll spread the dirty mark and make it more difficult to remove.

3.     Rinse thoroughly with cold water, and then apply a small amount of liquid detergent or powdered detergent made into a paste with a little water. Gently massage it into both sides of the clothing to help it get deeper into the fabric.

4.     Leave for five minutes, before popping the clothing in the wash with your usual detergent and a capful of ACE for Colours.

Sun cream:

1.     Treat stains such as sun cream as soon you can.

2.     Pre-treat the item of clothing first with a stain remover, pouring over the garment until the stain is completely covered.

3.     Leave it for a couple of minutes and then put the clothing into the washing machine, adding your usual detergent and one capful of ACE for Colours directly into the drum, on top of the laundry, for a really clean result.

4.     Don’t allow the clothing to dry if the stain has not been removed. Repeat the above until it has completely gone. 

ACE for Colours is a specially formulated stain remover and detergent booster, which removes tough stains, while still being gentle on clothes. It ensures that fabric colours shine by preventing bleeding or transferring to other garments and leaves clothes smelling great with its fresh fragrance.

The one litre bottle is available from Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s stores and retails at £1.99. The 700ml bottle is also available from Poundland, Poundworld 99p stores and Poundstretcher.

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