Potters Crouch Candles are a fabulous company based in Hertfordshire that make the most highly scented candles I have ever smelt. They pride themselves on the atmosphere their candles create in your home, dinner party or a nice romantic evening with your partner.


Each candle is handmade, hand–labelled and hand–finished in our 300 year old converted barn.

Potters Crouch make over 70 different candles and will make bespoke candles for special occasions, like weddings and parties: a great idea! They currently have a spring offer on the website, why not hop on over to get the code.

Sea Breeze


Sea Breeze has an Arctic scent that really takes you back into your memories of when you are at the beach, or on a boat sailing the seas. The smell is very refreshing and fragrant at the same time, it makes my whole downstairs smell amazing when I have this lit. The candle is just amazing, the detail on the top of the wax is adorable: cute little shells and gemstones, really adds to the feeling of being by the sea. The deep blue colour of the candle reminds me of the deep blue sea too.


 French Lilac


French Lilac is a strong scented candle that makes you feel like you have a bunch of lilac in your living room. The French Lilac is their best selling candle for Mothers Day as it has such a lovely scent. The candle is a nice smooth finish on top, it too lasts for hours, like the Sea Breeze: it is a much more feminine smell and it really does make you feel homely. It’s a perfect Mothers Day gift.


These candles do actually burn for hours, I left it on for 7 consecutive hours the other night and it is still going strong, they come in great little pots that last a long time and make the candle look like a lovely home decoration. They have gone into such great details on the hand made labels, they are not the sort of candle that sits locked away in a cupboard.

If you like the candles and want to see more, please visit the Potters Crouch Candles website: http://www.potterscrouchcandles.co.uk/. You can follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PottersCandles and like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PottersCrouchCandles.


Don’t forget it is Mothers Day on the 10th of March, so why not buy your Mummy or Mother in Law a fabulous Potters Crouch Candle. I know I am!

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