For the past 2 years I have been contemplating buying an oilcloth dining table cover and for some reason, I have never got round to doing it: but after being extremely lucky and having the opportunity to review one from Messy Me, I really really wish I’d done it sooner.

Messy Me sent us a table cover and highchair cover in the really stylish olive design, have a look at the website: Messy Me Olive Grey Oilcloth.

The website is fantastic, you can order sheets of oilcloth by the meter – so it doesn’t matter how long your dining table is, it will be covered! You can get highchair covers, bibs, tunics, messy mats and bags too! I will be collecting the whole Olive Grey set.

We were sent a high chair cover in Olive Grey and the Olive Grey cloth for my dining table and they are the most amazing items – I cannot tell you how much time they save me, how easy they are to clean and how stylish they look. Noah has even learnt “star” from the pattern on the oilcloth.

The table cloth was extremely easy to get going with, I literally unfolded it and put it on my dining table – it was so efficient and I let it lie on the table and unfold the creases for 24 hours with some heavy items on top of it. This seems to work perfectly as there are no creases on the table cloth anymore.

To keep it clean all I do is get my sponge and my antibacterial cleaner and wipe it clean, it therefore protects the wood of my table from water damage, heat damage when I have plates on the table and something that will become more of an issue over the next few months – damage from pens/children’s scissors and other creative tools that little Noah will get his hands on. It is so much easier than having to wash (every time we used it) the other fabric table cloth I had, and the fabric didn’t protect my table from liquid and warmed plates. It is a definite must for any household with Messy kids, just like mine!

The highchair cover was really easy to install too, it has a cable that connects under the chair to provide stability for the cover and of course to keep it in position. As you can see from the image the clip is an easy push the sides in and pop out clip – so it can come apart quickly, which is great for when I need to remove the cover and shake the rubbish into the bin.

The high chair cover is also really easy to wipe clean and leave, ready for the next meal or creative play time. It protects the chair underneath and obviously makes removing and shaking rubbish off, a lot easier – before I had to shake the whole high chair. so much easier and it matches my table cloth, I love it!It really has taken the stress out of clearing up after meal times, which in my house, with my Messy Me’s we get a split second to do so.

You can buy many different colours, my favourite was the Olive Grey, but you can choose from: Dusty Rose, Olive Grey, True Blue and Vintage Floral.

Have a look at the Messy Me website at the other products available:

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Stay posted for an amazing opportunity to win your very own table cloth and matching high chair cover from Messy Me…

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Last Update: Monday, 5th November 2012