Noah – 3 years and 11 months

My little man is growing up, incredibly so, he’s learning bigger words, longer sentences and he is rather clever. I suppose all nearly 4 year olds could be described this way, but there you go. I have been told that there are children that go to school that cannot go to the toilet on their own, or write their own names yet – so with that in mind I think my little man is doing alright.


Little Noah is doing really well I think, I say I think, I have nothing to compare it to considering he is the oldest sibling of the two, but I think he is doing really well. He can write his name, spell his name, tell me the alphabet, identify the alphabet, wash himself, dress himself, clean himself after he has been to the toilet and he is competant to pour himself drinks and make food. I am confident that he is on the right tracks. He might not be drawing animals and writing a lot of words but he is doing pretty well, for a boy! He plays creatively, he plays really well in terms of imagination and talking ability with his “subjects”. You can hear him playing with his cars and trains, talking to them and pretending they are alive. This is exactly what I used to do when I was younger, I had a great imagination and I am glad I can identify that in my little man. On our family holiday to Turkey, Noah learnt to swim without armbands, we were so proud of him. He is soaking up everything at the moment and swimming has been coming on for a while, on holiday he just jumped in and swam across. It was brilliant. A great moment, watching a little toddler do something like that for the first time.



I think playtime is a huge part of learning, he learns every time he plays – whether that be what not to do, what to do, how things work or just simply developing that creative imagination that he so evidently has. It is lovely to watch him play, when he is playing nicely that is, he will give toys to Isla and tell her what her role is for the game (sometimes she does just ignore it mind you) and he will be really encouraging with his games. You can always hear things like “come on Isla, this is how you do it” and “why dont you do this Isla”, which is lovely, knowing that he is going to help her develop too. That’s what we wanted from our little babies. He loves his trains and cars still, but things have progressed in recent weeks, he doesn’t just push them around now, he talks with them and for them, his games have come to life. Completely.


Sibling love

Don’t get me wrong with the above, he is a delight to watch and be around most of the time, but sometimes he can be the devil. He will still hurt Isla when he does not want to share or play a game together, when they are tired/poorly they rub each other up the wrong way all the time. Which is horrible to watch. But I know it won’t last and that is just how he deals with those frustrated feelings at the moment. He will soon learn how to deal with them in a different way and not hurt her at every turn. I can’t believe he is nearly four and Isla is nearly 2 and a half years old! They were both really good on holiday, a real pleasure to have around, but very very tiring!


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