Next put on a fantastic event this week, where myself and the mini Constants had a little adventure to Next headquarters to see the amazing new ranges coming to stores  in the next month or so. It was like we had our own little Next store to browse around and there were some adorable items that I wish I could have taken home with me.


The mock shop that was set up at Next headquarters helps the buyers display their fantastic new ranges and they take photographs of how they want the clothes to look and send those out to the stores, the buyers really love their little mock shop and to be perfectly honest I could have lived there myself. It was a special treat to have your very own store, full of new and exciting clothes, shoes, accessories and toys. Next had even set up a little area for the kids to play around whilst Mummy could go and sneak at the autumn range too… shhhh!


_DSC6524 _DSC6635

So what have we got to look forward to for the little ones this summer 2014: lots of fantastic colours, trendy items and patterns. Noah especially loved the “surfer dude” collection – funky shirts with camper vans on and a rusty orange coloured tee with surfer dude written on it. He loved them. He went up to the shirt and said “Mummy can I take this home please?”. We then took a walk around the shoes, Noah kept picking up the slip on sandals and canvas shoes – they are really trendy and look perfect for summer, protect the little feet and keep them cool! After investigating the boys clothes and shoes we took a walk around the girls clothes and Noah picked out some beautiful items for Isla. They are all such wonderful colours, pastels and patterns are all over the summer range and some exceptionally beautiful pieces. I especially loved the Hello Kitty jelly shoes.

IMG_2692 IMG_2693 IMG_2700 IMG_2701 IMG_2703

IMG_2678 IMG_2685 IMG_2686 IMG_2694 IMG_2698 IMG_2711


Once the photos had been snapped and the kids were still crafting, I took the time to upload the photos to Instagram to show off the fabulous new collections to my followers, @nextofficial were getting in on the mix too. It was a great day at Next headquarters, I did not want to come out of there – what a fab place to work. I will make sure to keep my lanyard, maybe I will be able to sneak back for next year.



 It was really nice to have a fabulous lunch with the other bloggers and children there, I got to finally spend some time with Katie (Mummydaddyme), Becky (Mummyadventure) and to meet new bloggers like Kay (Mummyb). Although I didnt get a chance to talk to everyone it was nice to finally meet, in person, Kara (ChelseaMamma), Ruth (Rocknrollerbaby),  Ruth (geekmummy) and Sonia (thismummyloves). It was a great time to catch up and talk about the lovely clothes we’d just seen and oops – look at the mess! Thank you Next…



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Last Update: Thursday, 17th April 2014