The nice sunshine today and the temperatures over 20 degrees have inspired me to think about the summer and what activities the kids and I are going to get up to. If I could do anything I wanted over summer with the children it would be a list as long as my arm, from things that are completely free to things that would be a special treat! Having fun with the children when its nice and warm is what you dream about doing all throughout winter but if you are planning it now the sunshine has arrived then here are my top five things to do: 


Go somewhere different

I love exploring new places and so do the children, visit a new place and book a hotel room for the night so you do not have to rush it all in a day. Drive somewhere out of that “day visit” zone and explore. For me that could be somewhere like Warwick with the Warwick castle to explore or the very south coast of England. The children get tired easily, with the breaks for snacks and mealtimes you can’t cram too much in so two days, at least, would be a good idea. 

See something wonderful

I love the theatre and I am yet to take the children to see a performance, I would love to take the children to see something like The Lion King at the west end in London. This would be an incredible adventure and it would create treasured memories that will last a lifetime! I am getting excited already. 

Take a ferry trip

Every child loves ferries right? What better way to pass a few days than to travel via ferry to a different location, take the car and the dogs and go camping somewhere completely different. We love camping as it is cheap and a sense of adventure. Getting a ferry across the sea would make that adventure extra special. 

Learn a little of British history

Take a trip to London, visit the Tower of London and the museums and teach the children about our history. I love learning, where things came from and how they work and why it is so different these days compared to back then. I hope I can instil this inquisitive nature into my children and get them excited about trips like this. 

Make something to treasure

This is one of those free activities I mentioned. After all of the fun of the summer, photos and things you’ve gathered along the way – what better than creating a memory box to hide away in the garden with an X to mark the spot. I love the idea of creating a memory box, putting lots of things that you have done over the summer, into a shoe box sized box and hiding it somewhere to look at next summer. Decorate the box, get creative and make something to look back on. 


Did you know that you can use sites like Avios to pay for things like hotels, attractions and experiences. It is really easy to do. You can join Avios on the website and you can even do it from your smartphone with their new app. The great thing with Avios is that you can collect rewards by using your everyday things, like the Tesco Clubcard or when you use your Lloyds Bank credit card. You even collect Avios from using RAC or Shell garages. 

Avios example

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If you combine all of the methods of accumulating Avios points, then it would soon mount up and you will soon have an entire family of tickets for Legoland. Give it a try and start saving for your summer adventures today! 

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Last Update: Thursday, 4th June 2015