Movie nights are the best. After a few long days dealing with work and other things, simply getting together with the entire family to watch a movie or two at home is the perfect distraction. The kids love movie nights and you don’t have to do much to prepare one. They chant for popcorn and snuggly blankets too! Of course, you can make the whole tradition of having weekly or bi-weekly movie nights even more exciting with the help of a few gadgets and appliances. 

Popcorn Maker

No movie night is complete without popcorn. You can save a lot of time – and have a lot of fun – making popcorn with the right gadget helping you pop the corn faster. There are a lot of popcorn makers to choose from, but the Great Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top is the one to go for if you want to settle for nothing but the best popcorn popper.

The Roosevelt Top has a unique design that looks like a traditional popcorn stand we see in movie theaters. The kids will certainly be excited to see popcorn coming out of the upper deck. The Roosevelt Top also comes with advanced controls that let you get the best popcorn every time.

For starters, it has a built-in spotlight warmer to keep the popcorn warm. There is also a pot heater, plus the main popper has three different settings for maximum control. The Roosevelt Top is durable too, making it a great investment for your home theater.

Smart Lights

You can’t have an authentic movie night when the lights are bright. For a great theater experience, you need the lights to be dimmer and bluer. Fortunately, you now have Phillips Hue and its extensive set of smart lights helping you achieve the kind of lighting you want.

The starter kit contains three smart LED bulbs and the maincontrol hub. You can add more LED bulbs, strip lights, and other items to the kit for a full lighting set. For instance, you can use the Hue strip light to add ambient light behind your LCD screen.

When it is time to watch a movie, simply tell Alexa or Google Assistant to dim the light or set it for movie night. The latter works when you have a preset pre-configured.

A Sound Bar

Until very recently, setting up a home theater meant routing long cables to speakers around the room. There is an easier way to get the feel of a movie theater today: a sound bar. As the name suggests, a sound bar is a big bar with multiple speakers. It is usually placed underneath the screen.

Certain sound bars are smart enough to produce surround sound without actually putting speakers behind you. When you have a relatively small room, having a top-notch sound bar like the Samsung HW-K950 or Yamaha’s budget-friendly YAS-207 is certainly the way to go.

With these gadgets, you can have incredibly memorable movie nights anytime you want. Just get the family together and watch some exciting movies while eating popcorn.

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