We were sent a beautiful rabbit cuddly towel from Minene for little Isla to use, and use it she does! She loves this rabbit towel so much, she would just sit with it wrapped around her on the beach – just because it was her rabbit towel. So cute.


Minene do really lovely products and they pack their products with such care and attention, this little rabbit cuddly towel came in a little pink carry bag and Isla just loves carrying her bag around and putting things in it. Whilst we were on holiday she collected stones in her bag whilst wearing her rabbit cuddly towel. At first glance you might think the towel is quite pricey for a children’s towel, but I can assure you it will last for a long time: the quality of the towel, the finish of the towel and the size of the towel will accomodate Isla as she grows up. I suspect this little rabbit will be a keepsake for much of her childhood as she really does love him. The cuddly towel features 2 apron-style ties ensuring safety during bath time so Mummy and Daddy can operate in a hands free mode for lifting and bathing. It is really great! Noah really loves it too, he thinks it is soft and I think he loves it just because it is Isla’s towel.


You can see all of the fantastic Minene products on their website: www.minene.co.uk. You can like them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter: .



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