I first came across Instasize when browsing through the App Store, the main thing that jumped out to me was the “getting the perfect selfie” image and of course I was instantly hooked. This app is really easy to use, it has so many features I am sure I haven’t even touched the surface yet. The best thing – it makes really great photos in seconds! 

Instasize is the all-in-one photo editing app for Instagram that lets people play around with their photos using filters, text styles, border designs and even beauty tools. It works great for those who want to give their photos a bit of an edge. I love their tips on getting the best holiday photos. This is the kind of thing I love doing and being a bit creative with my shots. 

This post is a quick tutorial of the app, getting set up and making the most out of the different features – quickly! 

Getting set up 

This is really quick. Create your account and subscribe to the premium option for all features. I have received premium for a year in order to test out the app and get the best out of my photos. Once you have your Instasize account you can start by editing a photo, video or making a collage (my favourite). 

Every time you complete a task the end result, the edited photo, will display in your account screen. So it starts off empty and soon fills up: 

Editing images 

Once you choose to edit an image and find the image you want to edit, there are many options available to you. There is a filter section, which has so many options to choose from – so far I seem drawn to B1 and C2. You have a levels section, where you can adapt the specific levels of the image for example the exposure. There is a beauty tool section which allows you to get rid of blemishes, whiten your teeth and put a nice tan on your face! Then you have a couple of text sections, funky text and a text editor. There is a frames section which allows you to put a frame on the top and bottom of a landscape image – to get that square Instagram effect. And finally, there is a really useful crop tool. 

All of these options are at the bottom of the app in a really easy to use menu. The image below is me editing one of my photos: 

Creating a collage 

I love collages, making them is fun. I always take so many photos that I never know which one to post first and making a collage fixes that. It’s so easy to do it too, once you’ve selected which photos you want in the collage – you can choose the layout. Then you simply use the photo editing tools like you can for above on the collage. It’s amazing! 

My Instasize examples 

Here are some of my Instasize photos so far: 

I am yet to use the video editing tool, I will be doing that over the next couple of weeks and I will share my findings with you again. It’s a great app and I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a quick and easy to use. Do you have any tips on using Instasize, if so, I would love to hear them in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant





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Last Update: Tuesday, 21st August 2018