When you have a family, there is always going to be some kind of special day that needs planning for. It could be the birth of a child in the family, a Christening, a Confirmation, a birthday, a wedding and even a retirement party for a parent that needs to be celebrated. While many families plan parties at major venues, others either don’t have the financial ability to do so, or they prefer more informal gatherings at home where everyone can just come as they are, relax and enjoy. In order to make that day more intimate, why not add a personal touch?

Save the Date Invitations

Sometimes, you like to send out invitations by postal mail and other times you email them or link to them on a special page you’ve set up on Facebook, for example. In any case, you can make these infinitely more personal with a new web based app by Adobe and design your own save the date cards, invitations and even templates you can share online. It’s so much more fun than running out to the local dime store to get pre-printed invitations and you can make them quite personal with your own photos that actually mean something to all involved. I also love the idea of online invitations where you can send them digitally.

Get the Family Involved

Usually a special date isn’t for the entire family, but one or two people within the clan. For birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, graduation or any kind of special day, why not get the entire family involved? You can have some do the cooking, some the decorating, some the entertainment and so forth. Everyone has a talent and everyone wants to be a part of that special day, so get them all involved. How much more memorable will that day be to anyone involved if they have a hand in planning and putting it all together? It’s so much more personal this way and the recipient of all this will surely be proud of all your efforts.

A Location with Special Meaning

And one final way to make that date even more special than it already is would be to choose a location that has meaning to the guest of honor. This, as mentioned above, wouldn’t need to be a large banquet hall or other venue that costs an arm and a leg. Rather, the park where a happy couple met or the place where dad proposed to mom leading up to the birth of a baby. It could be grandma and grandpa’s house where so many holidays were celebrated over the years. Just choose a location that has meaning to the person or persons you are celebrating.

It’s always nice to plan a party that has meaning and sometimes it isn’t even cheaper than hiring a venue for the night! Sometimes it’s just more meaningful and fun to have a DIY celebration where everyone pitches in and does something special. The idea is to ‘save the date’ and create memories in the process. That’s what will make this day a Kodak moment for ever and ever.

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