Sometimes the everyday events in our lives bring more chaos than we’d like to deal with. It could be the breakup of a long-standing relationship or it could be stress on the job. Perhaps the kids have all left for college or got married and overnight, the nest is empty. As you look at the four walls around you, you begin wondering what if! Although there are no major crises you are dealing with, you are just walking a tightrope on your own, having lost your balancing pole, that person or thing in your life that always gave you direction. Perhaps it’s time to adopt a pet. They make better companions than most people you know, are loyal and not nearly as needy as your last partner. Why not?

What Kind of Pet Is Right for You?

If you are looking to bring a little peace and more than a little balance back into your life, a bird probably wouldn’t fit the bill – no pun intended. A cat might be a good idea, because for the most part, they are low maintenance. They are extremely independent and are less likely to demand your time and attention. Unfortunately, that may be just what you don’t need. Maybe you need something to focus on to forget the trials and tribulations that brought you to this place of uncertainty and chaos.

This is where most people begin contemplating a dog. Dogs are, without a doubt, one of the best companions you could choose if you are looking for a silent friend. One who will be there if you need the solace of company and in tune enough with your feelings to leave you alone when you desire a little quiet time. There is a reason why dogs have earned the distinction as ‘man’s best friend’ and that’s something you should seriously consider.

If You Have Never Owned a Dog

If you have never owned a dog, there are some things you need to learn. One of the most difficult tasks a new dog owner has to face is housebreaking, commonly referred to as potty training, a puppy. Like children, puppies don’t come with instruction manuals so it’s often a matter of trial and error. If you work and don’t have tons of time to spend teaching a puppy to behave in the house and can’t stand the thought of crate training your dog, perhaps you would be better off adopting a pet from your local shelter.

Many of the best dogs come from shelters because they have been left behind or neglected. They are craving the very same attention you have a need to give, so it’s a match made in heaven. Most have already been housebroken so you’ll have no worries there. However, what to feed your new friend may be a bit of a problem.

On Feeding Your Dog

The one thing you may want to be aware of when feeding your dog is that they are inherently carnivorous. They will eat dog food formulated with a variety of grains, but these are not always a healthy choice. In fact, they rarely are. Always avoid dog food that is made with corn, wheat or soy and some experts even say rice isn’t a great ingredient either. Why? You can thank GMO for that! Most grains commercially grown in the United States have been genetically modified to be pest resistant, which means they have Genetically Modified Organisms. These are a huge cause for concern in canine as well as human consumption.

So, what can you feed your dog if 95% of the products on the shelves at your local pet shops have some form of grain in the ingredients? And, how do you know which companies manufacture products free from contaminants and have a product dogs will actually enjoy. That’s a tough combination but if you check out a good list of dog food ratings, you’ll see what experts and other dog owners are saying about the various brands available for sale. If at all possible, always opt for an organic dog food because they are guaranteed to be free of chemical contaminants in fertilizers and pesticides or they couldn’t label their products ‘organic.’

Quality Time with Your New Four Legged Friend

The most important thing you can do as a new pet owner is to set aside quality time to spend with your dog each and every day. It is suggested that you take at least an hour a day total to get to know your new friend. Go for walks, with a leash of course, and play various games to see which your dog likes best. From throwing sticks and balls to taking your dog for a swim, you’ll soon learn what it is that makes him (her?) happy and this is something you’ll want to spend time on often.

Obedience Training

Most parents wish they had obedience training classes for toddlers like they do for dogs! It is important that your dog learn early on that you are the boss. What you say goes always and at all times. Not only is this important to make sure you keep ‘peace in the family’ by avoiding naughty or dangerous behaviors like chewing and bouncing on furniture, but it may someday keep your dog alive! Being able to tell your dog to stay if he should get off leash might keep him out of oncoming traffic. It’s imperative that you go through some sort of obedience training with your dog for your sanity and his safety.

There Is Nothing Like the Love of a Dog – Loyalty Personified

There is nothing like coming home from a long day at the office greeted by a wagging tail and a sloppy kiss. No one or nothing is more loyal than a dog, and the best part is that symbiotic relationship that develops between human and dog. Somehow a dog senses your mood and when you are on the verge of tears, that dog will be at your side before the first tear spills over, giving you the comfort of his love.

If you are looking to bring balance, peace and meaning back into your world, there is no better way than by adopting a pet, and of all pets known to man, a dog will be your very best companion. That, in itself, is a comforting thought. So, what are you waiting for? That dog is waiting for you – go find him today.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 4th July 2017