Noah and Isla were sent a lovely Trike & Wagon set from Little People Fisher Price; Mia and her dog can go for a little bike ride around the park or anywhere your little ones dream of with this fantastic set.


The little set comes complete with Mia, her puppy, a trike and wagon and a little yellow ice cream stand scene. It is part of the Happy Sounds Home! from Little People and you can attach the yellow scene to the house and other scenes, Noah and Isla love joining them all up and obviously undoing them again. Both Mia and her puppy can ride the trike or hop in the wagon, they are universal fittings. Sometimes even Mia jumps on the trike and Mum & Dad from the Happy Sounds Home! hop in the wagon for a ride.


The little set is great to help toddlers adapt their motor skills, Isla has to really concentrate when she pulls the wagon and trike apart or putting Mia in the little trike. They also help with the little ones imagination and creativity; the little yellow scene is great to help inspire ice cream stalls or brisk rides in the park. Where is it puppies like to go best and what is their favourite flavour of ice cream? The world is their oyster… Isla loves talking to the puppy, she puts him on the floor and then bends down to talk to him; in her toddlerish of course. I can imagine she is asking him what flavour ice cream he wants as she is a little food monster.


Mia usually goes to visit mum and dad at the Happy Sounds Home! she loves it there as she gets lots of lovely music to listen to and a yummy pancake breakfast – which is just what you need after a ride on the trike. The Happy Sounds Home! review will be coming soon, a great idea for Christmas presents from Santa.


Little People have some amazing products on their website: You can like Fisher Price on their Facebook page. I would recommend any of their toys for little ones, they make great Christmas gifts and little sets like Mia & her puppy are a really good little idea for stockings or smaller presents for a little person.


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