I was recently sent some beautiful items for Noah’s bedroom and Isla’s nursery from the Koodle Doodle Jetset range and the Kimoko range. Koodle Doodle is a great new brand that creates lovely home wear and accessories for our little humans. They aim to make their ranges fun and appealing to little ones, whilst making sure that they are safe.

A bedroom is a haven, for fun and forty winks, so let’s make our children’s bedrooms a special place, and make bedtime something to look forward to!

I absolutely loved the products that we were sent, some further details below.

The Jetset range

The Jetset range comprises of bedlinen, sleeping bag, shaped cushion, wall art and the square cushion. We received the Jetset square cushion, which you can buy on the website for £26.99. The cushion is 40cm by 40cm and made of 55% linen and 45% cotton: great materials for children. The cushion is great as it is full of colour and texture. You can feel different patterns on the material and the buttons give Noah something to twiddle with when he is chilling on his little tot bed. The colours work well together and are really stylish, I don’t think you would struggle to put this cushion in any little boy’s room, which is great when you are looking at little finishing touches.


The Kimoko range

IMG_1247The Kimoko range also comprises of bedlinen, sleeping bag, shaped cushion and rectangle cushion: but we were sent the bedlinen for Isla’s cotbed. The Kimoko bedlinen comes with a cotbed duvet cover and pillow case: cotbed duvet cover size comes at 150cm x 120cm and the pillow case comes at 42cm x 62cm. The material is made of 100% cotton, which means it is very soft and breathable for those little people and the thread used on the bedlinen has a 300 thread count, which means you can feel the difference in comfort and texture. The pattern is a similar style to the cushion, made of different colours, textures and there are lovely button finishes, which really finish off the duvet and pillow. I think it makes her cot look gorgeous, I have to admit I got in and had a little snuggle with her: we both approved of it!


You can see all of Koodle Doodle Design's on their website: http://koodledoodle.com/. You can follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/koodledoodle, like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KoodleDoodleDesign.

mothersdayDon’t forget it Mothers Day soon and Koodle Doodle do some lovely products for the little ones – that’s if Mummy wants to share her special day!

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Last Update: Saturday, 2nd March 2013