Planning a summer vacation with kids is no easy process for parents. There is a whole lot to consider when picking the best destination and lodging. If you’ve set your eyes on Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada and you’re wondering if there’s enough to keep the kids busy, then you’ll want to read on. Here we’ll take a look at just a few of the activities that will keep the kids happy and entertained, making for a memorable trip.

Enjoy a Round of Mini-Putt as a Family

While the Mont Tremblant area is known for its golf courses, these aren’t exactly ideal as a family activity. Instead, you can check out Le Petit Géant, which is sure to keep everyone entertained. What makes this course extra fun is that it’s a small replica of the actual Le Géant Golf Course. The whole family will feel as though they’re golfing on a professional course, just a small version of it.

Keep in mind this is a seasonal activity that opens mid-May and closes early October.

Alpine Luge – Discover What the Fuss is About

If the kids are looking for adventure, then Skyline Luge is the place to go. This is a unique ride that gives you a sense of what it must be like to be a luge athlete. It is explained as part toboggan and part go-cart, and riders have full control over their steering and braking system. The “ride” features its own track that was created to offer the ultimate in fun and thrills.

The Climbing Tower – Let Them Work Out Their Energy

There’s no better way to let the kids work out their energy than tackling the 30-foot high climbing tower. It doesn’t matter if they’ve climbed before or this is the first time, anyone can enjoy the experience. There are different “paths” laid out on the tower so you can choose the difficulty level.

Horseback Riding – Enjoy the Scenery in a Memorable Way

Likely you will want to take in the scenery of Mont Tremblant, but going on nature walks and hikes isn’t always something that appeals to the kids. If that sounds like your kids then you may want to consider the horseback riding option. You’ll get to take that same scenery, but in a way that is fun for the kids.

Birds of Prey Show – Learn About the Animal Life

Kids tend to enjoy anything animal related, which means the Birds of Prey Show would likely be a huge hit. In this show, kids will learn about various birds of prey, and get to see them first-hand.

Be Sure to Pick the Right Accommodations

The final note has to do with your accommodations while in Mont Tremblant. Obviously you want to pick something that is centrally located so activities are easy to get to, but it also needs to be kid-friendly and offer that extra space that families tend to need. Tremblant Sunstar offers a massive selection of accommodation options, giving you everything you need in order to book in one handy spot.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 12th July 2017