Courtesy of Jellyfingers an online members only savings club where members get access to fantastic discounts on everything from pregnancy through to children starting school, Mum of Three boys had a great trip to Paultons Family Theme Park and home to the amazing world of Peppa Pig, for a press preview day on my behalf (sadly I couldn’t make it!) and this is what she had to say about her day:

“Paultons were revealing to the press their brand new hot ride, MAGMA.

Magma being shot up into the air

After 2 hours of travelling down to Hampshire we arrived to some refreshments and a chocolate cup cake in the shape of an erupting volcano, which was very much-needed and tasted yummy. Magma officially opens up to the public on the 31st March 2012. My eldest Jak who is 9 years old couldn’t wait to try it out, so myself and Jak entered the cavern to the unknown, there was lots of smoke and dinosaur sound effects to get you excited. We joined the queue for the ride inside the volcano, once it was our turn we took to our seats and waited for the bar to come down. Strapped down and secure we was ready to be shot up 25 metres into the air through the opening of the volcano out to the open sky, we was the magma. Just as we was going up smoke got blasted out into our faces, i closed my eyes then when i opened them we was up in the air, spinning around and plunging back down to the mountain below, we had a great view of the park from way up high. We waved down at Daddy and the younger boys and we couldn’t stop laughing and giggling. The ride was brilliant, i couldn’t keep Jak off of it, he kept going back for more. The height restriction for the ride is a minimum of 1.1m, If taking young children i would advise to check the website for the height restrictions on all of the rides.

Once we had finished on the Magma off we went in search of Peppa Pig World, on our way through the park we couldn’t help but notice how clean and picturesc it was. The grass was cut neatly and there was plenty of benches to sit down and rest on, pretty gardens to walk around and many places to sit down and enjoy a spot to eat.

We passed the Water Kingdom and as the day was quite hot we let the boys cool off in the water shoots, lucky i packed some spare shorts for them. Next to the water splash park there is Food & Drink available also you will find Percy’s Playhouse and Play Park. I took this opportunity to feed the baby as there was a seating area covered with umbrellas, so we was sitting in the shade shielded from the sun.

As we were entering Peppa Pig World i noticed little Joseph face was beaming, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he just kept saying ‘WOW’ and ‘is it real mummy’ ‘are we really in Peppas world’. It was hard to hold him back with all the excitement he kept rushing off ahead just running from one attraction to the next, with 7 fun rides and many attractions to see I knew that we would be kept very busy. The Windy Castle, Miss Rabbit’s helicopter Flight, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip, Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train and George’s Dinosaur Adventure.

First stop was Peppa Pig’s House this is one of three enchanted buildings to enter, inside the house you can see Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig having Pancakes for breakfast. There is also Madame Gazelles School House, the Magnificent Campervan sitting on top of a hill and Watch the paddling ducks swimming in the pond, while your there throw some of your change into it as all off the money goes to the charity Tommy’s where their funding helps to research and provides information on the causes and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

We took a ride on Grandpa Pigs Little train and we all joined in with the song that was playing ‘The piggies on the train go oink oink oink’ The baby loved this and was bouncing up and down in my arms, we all waved to Grandpa as he went by and when we got on the train the baby just kept kicking out his legs with excitement.

The whole time we was walking around Peppa Pig World the theme song to the cartoon show was playing, the children took pleasure in joining in with it and it just made the day even more enjoyable.

At certain times of the day Peppa and George make an appearance on the stage at the side of Madame Gazelles School, they wave to the children and shake their hands, don’t worry if its busy as they are around for quite a while so your children will definitely get a close look at them and if they are really luck like my son Joseph was they may even get a little cuddle with them too.

Peppa’s world has many play areas for the little ones, they can Jump in Muddy Puddles in the water splash area, climb the moonwalk ramp in George’s Spaceship Indoor Playzone, or follow the rainbow road in Mr Potato’s playground and you can also pick up some yummy ice-cream from Miss Rabbits ice-cream parlour, which we did as the day was quite hot and it was a nice cooling refreshment. Once we bought our ice lollies we went for a walk to the see the Mearkats and the big tortoise, which was just outside of Peppas World.

There is plenty to see and do at Paultons park not only do you have the exhilerating rides to test out for the children and adults but there are beautiful landscaped gardens to walk round, Birds and Animals to look at and take in the tranquil area of the horseshoe-shaped lake where you can do a bit of wild life watching.

Many of the rides at Paultons have a photo opportunity where you get the chance to buy a souvenir of your time on the ride. My son Jak thought it would be funny to pull faces and pretend to be asleep on the rides that said ‘Smile for the camera’, which is probably why we didn’t buy any!

Paultons Park is a definite must for all families, it makes a brilliant day out and you will all definitely enjoy yourself.”

Prices start from £21.00 or for a family of four £80.00 please note that these are prices that you pay in advance via their website if you pay on the day it will be more money. Children under 1 Metre enter for free of charge. Find out more about prices and opening times here

Jellyfingers are running a competition at the moment where you can enter to win family ticket to Paultons Park, you can enter here, Hurry up as the competition ends on the 31st March.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 28th March 2012