So my baby is 4 years and 6 months, or 4 and a half if you’d prefer. She’s been a little monkey this week. Not entirely sure if she is just very tired or just going through one of those stages that they go through. That when you are struggling other parents say “it’s just a stage they’re going through“. 


She is getting on really well at school. I can’t believe they have been back for eight weeks already. Time is flying. She is so eager to learn to read and write properly you can feel her frustration. She’s got the hang of small words like in and on, her phonics books are all sentences that repeat on each page with slightly different words and pictures to aid. She works it out pretty quickly. Her favourite thing is to sit with her dolls and teddy bears, reading them a story whilst they all sit around her in a circle. It’s very cute. She tells stories from the pictures very well. She has an incredible imagination. 

She’s also picked up sums very quickly too, she can do sums with numbers one to ten really quickly. She uses her fingers a lot but she has the method for making the calculations which is a great step forward. We learnt all about halving things over half term, so she can do half of 10 and understands it’s equal. I love teaching them things… albeit it might not be how the teachers do it! 



She’s the opposite to Noah in that she would love to stay in crafting and baking, playing with her dolls house and dolls. Whereas Noah loves to get out, playing football or biking off somewhere with Daddy. That’s where I love the Daddy/Mummy split, we get to enjoy things we love with the kiddies. Not one parent is left out for example. Obviously we all love doing things together too. But sometimes it’s just nice to sit and play with the dolls… 

I look at Isla and she seems to be a lot more grown up lately, not 100% sure if she has had a growth spurt or if she just looks more grown up to me. But she is doing this thing where she mumbles like she’s pretending to be a baby and pretend dribbling like a baby. I thought it was cute and playful at first but she is doing it more and more. Not sure if this is a protest to her new school life and not wanting to grow up or just part of her imaginative world that she has. 

Everyday is different. Everyday she makes me think of something that I hadn’t before. I love the fact that being a parent is all about learning for both the child and the grown up. 


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Last Update: Friday, 11th November 2016