Andrew James has added a fabulous volcano waffle maker into his fabulous baking range. It literally makes the largest volcano shaped waffles, which are yummy! We love to break them up and cover them in fruit, syrup and cream. Delicious for breakfast and the maker is award winning, so why not tell the kids you’re making an award winning breakfast? 

Andrew James waffle maker 

It is really easy to use the volcano shaped waffle maker, you have to remove the funnel from the base and make sure it’s locked into position on the top of the waffle maker. It acts as the cup to add the batter. Then pour the batter mix in to the cup which runs through to the waffle maker. After a couple of minutes, remove the cup and you can enjoy a rather yummy waffle. We found it is quite messy, the batter does stick to the inside of the machine – but because it’s all non stick it is very easy to clean! It’s small enough to take on holiday too, which I love, when we go to cottages around the UK we can take it with us. 

Make traditional waffles served with toffee sauce and ice cream, or get creative with your ingredients and create your own recipes for sweet or savoury waffles. See our waffle recipe below. 

At £29.99 its a great gift for a loved one for birthdays, Christmas or just because you want excellent waffles. 

Waffle recipe

To make a yummy waffle, try this batter recipe and use it in the Andrew James Volcano maker. It makes delicious waffles in minutes. 

Easy waffle batter mix

I would love to know what you have with your waffles, please feel free to comment below or on social media:@mummyconstant. 



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Last Update: Tuesday, 28th August 2018