Remember those days when you used to hop on a plane without knowing what on earth to expect when you got there? Remember the days when you used to wander off at night to try and find a restaurant that took your fancy? Those were the days my friends! No worries like keeping the kids safe!

Now, when we venture on holiday with the kids, there is so much planning to do – but it’s more than worth it, of course. After all, is there anything quite like the bubble of excitement you all get when you get to your hotel and see the pool

However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll go into overdrive a week or so before you go, panicking about keeping the kids safe while you’re on holiday. 

Well don’t, because here are some handy tips that’ll ensure you all have a holiday to remember – for all the right reasons: 

1. Make Sure Everyone Has Some Contact Details on Them 

First, write down the hotel address and phone number and your own contact number before making sure your child has this on them at all times. This will provide them with those all-important details should the worst happen and you get separated. 

2. Tell Them What to Do if They Do Get Lost  

Without making them panic, tell them what they should do if they do get lost. Explain that they should approach a policeman, staff member or other families with children if they do lose sight of you. 

Try to do this before the holiday so it’s not too much to take in when you get there. 

3. Do Some Thorough Research Before You Go 

Before you jet off, be sure to do some research on the area you’re staying in before you go. 

For example, if you go on camping holidays in Spain, you might want to check out what restaurants, attractions and other amenities are nearby. Then, when you get there, have a quick chat with the resort staff to see if there’s anything you should be on the lookout for, e.g. stray dogs, strong currents in the sea, bugs and so on. 

4. Keep Applying that Sun Cream 

Although there will be plenty of protesting when you’re trying to slap on the sun cream, it’s something you need to do numerous times throughout the day. Apply factor 30 and try to keep the kids as covered up as possible, too. And don’t forget to look after yourself as well! 

5. Make Staff Aware of Any Health Conditions or Allergies 

If your child does have an allergy or health concern that you need to monitor, it’s worth telling the hotel staff before you arrive so they’re aware. You might also want to familiarise yourself with what your child’s allergy or condition translates to in the language of the country you’re travelling to. That way, if you do need help or medical attention, there won’t be an awkward language barrier as you’re trying to explain the problem. 

Finally, other things to consider are checking out your hotel room when you arrive just to make sure it’s child-friendly (i.e. there aren’t any large gaps in the balcony rails). And it’s worth ordering a European Health Insurance card before you go. While it’s a little in doubt when we leave the EU, it is still valid at present and is important if you’re travelling to an EU country. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 23rd May 2019

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