If your bathroom is in desperate need of an overhaul but you’re strapped for space, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to ensure that you make the most of the space you have, and even create the illusion of size. The bathroom is typically a high-traffic area, particularly if you have a family, and therefore you should invest a great deal of thought into its design. Remember that you can still create a relaxing, welcoming and highly functional space even if you don’t have a particularly large bathroom


Choosing Your Colour Scheme

In order to make the most of your space, keep all the bathroom features the same colour as much as possible. You can allow slight tonal variations on a single shade, but contrasting colours (lights and darks) will break up the space visually and make it seem smaller. If you do want to add some interest, try a cabinet or light fixture in a different colour. This way, the piece can act as a stand-alone feature, and the rest of the room will recede and blend together, giving the illusion of unified space. Make sure that you paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls, particularly if it’s sloping or oddly-shaped. This will help to make the unusual shapes disappear and create a cleaner, more expansive upper space in the room. Remember that dark colours will make a room seem smaller, so go for light, fresh, soft tones instead.

Showers and Sinks

You should always ask the tradesmen in charge of your bathroom remodel to tile all the way up to the ceiling in the shower area. The shower tiles and wall colours should match to reduce the number of visual transitions in the room and create a more expansive feel. Using clear glass in the shower will also make your bathroom seem larger, as textured glass often tricks the eye into seeing an extra wall. If you need more privacy, go for a shower curtain that can be drawn or folded back when not in use. Corner sinks, embedded sinks, and sinks in circular shapes are best for small bathrooms as they take up less space and don’t restrict the flow of traffic in same way as pedestal sinks.

Vanity Tables and Mirrors

If you have enough space for a chest of drawers or a vanity table in your bathroom, keep it compact and allow it to double up as a storage space for towels and bathroom products. The item should be high quality and consistent with the rest of the bathroom in colour. If you’re in need of inspiration, look online for idea from retailers like Utopia. Mirrors are a wonderful tool for creating the illusion of space in a bathroom. Go for the largest mirror you can find. Mirrors that reach the ceiling with lights installed on top or hanging from them will double the impact of natural and artificial light in the room, and make the space grow.

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