A new sofa is an exciting purchase and one you want to get right the first time around. You’ll probably live with your sofa for a good many years, and maybe even take it on a few home-moves with you. Here’s a guide for how to choose the perfect sofa.


The first thing to consider when choosing your new sofa is the size. It’s all very well picking something you love, but if it won’t fit into your space, let alone your front door, then there’s little point entertaining it. Measure all the doorways in your home and take into consideration all the other furniture you’re going to have in the room. You don’t want your new sofa to dwarf everything else, nor do you want it to look miniscule in comparison. ‘The Goldilocks rule’ comes to mind here, the size of your sofa needs to be “just right” for your space. Use online sofa measuring guides to help you find the perfect sized sofa. Once you’ve got the size down, you can start considering these other factors.


The style of your sofa is the next important thing to take into consideration. With a traditional or country style home, you may opt for designs with more classic or traditional features, like scroll arms and turned wooden legs. However, if you live in a more modern home with contemporary décor, you may prefer to choose a mid-century, slim, modern design to complement your other décor. For a comprehensive choice of well-made, affordable sofas in a range of styles, from mid-century to modern, check out Arlo & Jacob sofas.


The colour of your sofa is an entirely personal choice; whether, you prefer bright, bold pieces or more natural, paler shades, you should be able to find a sofa in every colour of the rainbow. Most good sofa companies will allow you to collect or order swatch sample for free which will help you understand the colours better than online. Hole them up to your walls and also see what they look like in the light in your room, since the lighting, whether artificial or natural, can drastically alter the depth of colour. If you’re looking for on-trend colours, 2019 will see plenty of rust, terracottaand sandy shades. Here’s a fellow blogger’s guide to sofacolours.


The type of fabric is equally as important as the colour. Consider where your sofa will be and who will be using it. In family homes with young children, you’ll want to opt for more durable, wipeable fabrics that are tough and long-lasting. If, however, your sofa won’t be subject to serious wear and tear, then a more delicate fabric like linen or velvet will be a luxurious choice. Leather sofas are timeless classics, but you must take into account the quality of the leather you’rebuying and be prepared for repair job throughout the lifetime of your sofa as leather by nature has a tendency to split and crack. Good upholstery companies should offer you care kits with your sofa purchase, andthere are plenty of furniture insurers out there, like Staingard, which will offer sofa repairs as part of your cover. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 7th February 2019