We are big fans of Learning Resources in the Constant household, they have some incredible resources that are fun, engaging and aid education. The perfect concoction for homelearning and lockdown. So, we teamed up with them to give one of my lucky readers a prize bundle of goodies to help get through these uncertain times. *Competition window at the bottom of this post.

The Learning Resources prize bundle

I love this prize bundle, there are some fantastic items that will really help with homelearning and educating your children from home. They are also fun! A great combo worth over £50.

Learning Resources homelearning

Word on the Street (Junior)

This is a great, family fun, game and the kiddies loved it. The idea is that the letters of the alphabet are in a long row in the middle of the board. When it’s your turn, (working in teams), you pick a card and have a discussion about words that meet the criteria. For example it might be something in the kitchen. On our first few goes the words were just anything. However, as we got more into the game, the words became tactical.

Word on the Street

You see, whatever word you choose, you move the letters of that word one space towards your team on the board. You can see there are 2 spots on either side that the letter can move. So if you choose words with E in them, you move E towards your team until it slips off the board and becomes YOURS.

Word on the street

You need 8 letters on your side of the board to win. It’s so much fun and I love the words they thought of to try and get the letters, for example using words with 3 of a letter in it. Very clever!

A homelearning times table game

So, we used the calculator, tackling tables set and the ocean counters to create a Maths game that the children really enjoyed. We love these ocean counters so much, Isla uses them daily to help with her Maths work (perfect for grouping out fractions).

times table game

The idea of the game was that Mummy shouted out the sum from the tackling tables card and the kiddies had to shout out the answer and get the right amount of counters to demonstrate they understood what the amount is. Then they verify their answer by using the calculator (and I show them the card).

Times table game

Such a simple idea, that takes no setting up at all and can be done anywhere in the home. They really loved it. The counters added a little action to the game, instead of doing just sums, and they enjoyed grouping the animals and colours together. So each answer took up a little time. It was nice to see them working together with it.

checking answers

How do I win this Learning Resources bundle?

To win this fun bundle of Learning Resources goodies, all you have to do is fill out the competition entry form below:

Win a homelearning bundle from Learning Resources

This competition closes at midnight on 9th of May 2020. Good luck!

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