How beautiful is it to receive a handmade gift? Something that someone has spent hours making. When it comes to handmade gifts from the children, it’s even better. They have such creative minds, the sky is their limit. Handmade gifts are the perfect idea for a Mother’s Day present and Handmade at Amazon have made it really easy.

Here are some fantastic handmade ideas to make with the children, just in time for Mothers’ Day on Sunday 11 March 2018:

Bake up a storm

Nothing says, “I love you Mummy” like a light and fluffy Victoria Sponge cake. Decorated by the children of course and a little help from Daddy. Everyone put their aprons on and follow this easy recipe to make the best Victoria Sponge cake. Make a delicious vanilla buttercream and thoroughly spread it in the middle of the two sponges and don’t forget your favourite jam. I love raspberry jam, perfect with a cup of tea.

If you are feeling really adventurous a handmade cake tin, personalised to boot, is a perfect way to store such a cake. That way Mum can have a slice every day, unless it all goes on Sunday of course.

Personalisation is key

I love products for the kitchen that are personalised, this bespoke chopping board is a beautiful idea to give Mum on Sunday. I love the fact it will be used every day and bring back loving memories of the children every time it is used. Better still, you could put the Victoria sponge cake on it too!

Handmade cards

Buying the perfect card can be hard work. Especially with all the different options out there. Every year I get a card, just perfect for me and the children make their own too. They love arts & crafts. I think it’s just getting messy to be honest. A handmade card is a much better way to make Mummy feel loved and it is just extremely thoughtful.

Make your own jewellery

If you have the tools to do this at home, this is fun with the kiddies. Or buying a personalised necklace with the children’s names on is another way of creating a keepsake for Mum. There are so many different styles of personalised necklace out there too. I love the idea of having something with my children’s names on it to wear close to me every day.

Make Mummy her own cup

You can either buy a blank white mug and get the kids to paint their handprints on it or you can buy handmade mugs, which is a lot less mess. I love the designs on Handmade by Amazon, especially this Mama Bear mug. It’s really different and very cute. I think it would go down very well with a slice of cake too!

Whatever you make or buy for Mum on Mother’s Day, just remember she will absolutely love it and it’s the thought that counts.

You can visit Handmade at Amazon by clicking through to their website: If you have any creative ideas for Mother’s Day gifts I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 7th March 2018