Handmade jewellery is something extra special

So there’s a week, almost, left until Christmas and you are looking for that something special for someone special: whether that be Mum, Nan, Sister or Wife. I love the handmade jewellery that I came across from Nude, a beautiful jewellery boutique in the quaint village area of Shepherd Market, in the heart of Mayfair.


I love the range of Vanilla Links silver necklaces, they have necklaces from two links to five links and they vary in prices, depending on how many links are on the necklace. We have the triple link Vanilla Links silver necklace which is £98.00. It is a beautiful, very sparkly silver necklace, I think snake chains are really comfortable to wear around your neck and they look really elegant and expensive too. The silver links do vary in size, as the necklaces are handmade in London I would not expect anything less, they are not manufactured so they cannot be exactly the same everytime. But what a fabulous present this Christmas for someone special; something that no one else will have, well not exactly the same. The chain is 16″ long and will sit perfectly with the Christmas party dress and will finish off any outfit just perfectly.


I simply adore the range of handmade Jewellery that Nude has on offer on their website: www.nudejewellery.co.uk, there is something for all occasions, variations of prices and you can search specifically for that perfect gift too, the filters are really easy to use. You can drill down to silver necklaces which has the designs that I love best, there are some beautiful designs and handmade necklaces. You can order the jewellery online, I would double check with the boutique if you want delivery before Christmas – you do still have time, or if you around the Mayfair area you could go instore and buy your special gift. Maybe take a trip with your partner and buy her a beautiful, bespoke ring for an extra special treat.



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Handmade jewellery is something extra special

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