Where do I begin? This little gadget is my new best friend! Not only am I pregnant, have a house full of fluffy animals, with a lot of malting fur, have a little man that makes a mess where ever he goes; I go through vacuum cleaners like there is no tomorrow and never have I come across one that sufficiently cleans the rugs and carpets.

Then I got the chance to review the Gtech SW20 Premium Cordless Floor Sweeper and it changed my life…

My first thoughts were that it would pick up some of the hair and rubbish off the floors, but it will not be able to do it to a vacuum cleaner standard. How very mistaken I was! It did a better job than the current vacuum cleaner in the Constant household and it is a lot more efficient to use too. Out of the box, it is very easy to put together, I managed it without reading the instructions; the only thing I struggled with was locating the plug! Cleverly packaged; the Gtech SW20 packs the plug and Eco-charger inside the dust tray – which saves room in the box and keeps it safe during transit, a very good idea. You charge the sweeper on the Eco-charger stand which is literally a case of putting the sweeper on the top of the Eco-charger stand, for up to 5 hours & it will automatically cut off when there is enough charge, once charged you get about an hour of sweeping time. An hour doesn’t sound very long, but when you think about spending 10/15 mins at a time, quickly cleaning the floors every other day it does actually last a long time. That has also got to work out cheaper on your electricity bill!



Because I am pregnant, having something that is light weight and easy to use is essential. Something that I can use in a hurry, when there has been an accident (with Noah usually) or I have visitors popping around; this comes in particularly handy. I can take it up the stairs easily, with a bump and a 3 storey house, I can’t explain enough how much of a benefit this is.


You can see for yourself the results I got; the rug is a “hair trap” with the pets. Its the first thing in the lounge to show pet hair, and it seems to be a magnet for it. I must admit, I didn’t think the SW20 would pick any of the hair up – as my other vacuums require me to use the nozzle on my hands and knees and really dredge the hair up. Not the SW20, it glides over my rug, picking up the pet hair and leaving it looking clean!


I was amazed. And look at what came out of the cute little dust tray after 10 mins of sweeping my lounge: 

Pretty gross, isn’t it? But, the proof is in the pudding, or in the dust tray. Next step, teaching Noah how to use it… Wishful thinking. The Gtech SW20 has a Germguard built into the handle and bin and this clever Germguard kills over 99.9 of bacteria including MRSA, Salmomella, Listeria and E-Coli. It is so easy to clean as you can see from my photo above, you pull out the dust tray that collects the dirt and you put it in the bin.

If you want to have a look at the more technical side of the sweeper then please check out the Gtech website: http://www.gtechonline.co.uk/floor-care/sw20-premium-cordless-floor-sweeper.html

At £69.95 it is a very good price for a very good sweeper, I appreciate that it cannot be a replacement for a vacuum cleaner but it is a good, cheap and easy way to keep up with the housework!

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Last Update: Thursday, 23rd February 2012