It can only be Game of Thrones (GoT) and season 6 is back, it started yesterday, Monday 25 April 2016, and I am super excited to see what twists and turns are coming for this new season. You can watch the episodes live on Sky Atlantic, which means you can also watch it live from NOW TV too. Who watched the first viewing of the episode at 2am on Sky Atlantic, which was in time with the USA? I have to admit I was fast asleep! 

297974D03_EntsWk43_1200x628So, last season ended with a few questions that I am hoping we get answers for over the coming weeks. Monday nights will never be the same again! That might sound strange but I have never watched GoT live, I watched it by “binge watching” the boxsets on NOW TV and I caught up with it just in time for season 5 to end. So this is the first time I have been up to date with the seasons. It is quite exciting. I love the fact that I can watch, pretty much, whatever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want. Most of the time I plan my long hot bubbly baths around what episode I am going to watch: Wednesday night its Madam Secretary, Thursday nights its Scandal and every other night it has to be Dexter – I watch it on my iPad. Or on a Friday night Hubby and I sit and watch one of the SKY Premiere movies in the lounge with our curry and wine, on the big HD TV. So it really is a very flexible method of watching your favourites, with your favourites! Jon_Kill_the_Boy

The major question I am sure everyone is wanting to find out: Is Jon Snow (said in the accent of Ygritte, it comes out like that every time, I can’t help it) is actually alive, as I am really hoping that he is not dead. The show just wouldn’t be the same without him in it. I have seen some fabulous trailers of GoT and you can see that Jon Snow is still going to be involved, the newspapers have been revealing that he was filming too, so I am hoping that he is back. The GoTWiki website currently declares him as deceased, which just breaks my heart! 

Where are the brothers Bran and Rickon? Will Sansa ever be reunited with her brothers again. And what about her sister, Arya who is learning from The Faceless Man at The House of Black and White, quite creepy may I just add! 

What is going on with Daenerys Targaryen,Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi and her dragons? Season 5 left her surrounded by an army and as she fears for her safety, she drops a ring to leave a trail – so I am hoping someone finds her.  

Win with NOW TV and #GoTFate

With the new season 6 starting this week, NOW TV wants to give GoT fans a chance to find out their own GoT fate. All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag #GoTFate and mentioning @NOWTV and NOW TV will reply with an animated #GoTFate video, personalised with your profile photo of your twitter handle. If you share the animated #GoTFate video with your followers you are entered in to a prize draw and you could win one of the best prizes I have ever heard of: Not only do you get a fantastic trip to Belfast, but you get a special GoT experience on set (courtesy of Winterfell Tours) and this includes an archery experience on set, direwolves encounter, a visit to 20 key locations and much more! 

It sounds absolutely amazing and I really hope you get involved, I would love to see your #GoTFate animated videos too so please do share the links in the comments below. 

To get a NOW TV account all you need to do is sign up and choose a package here: As soon as you have your package sorted you can watch NOW TV on pretty much any device – happy GoT watching! 


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