My children love swimming and I am a little obssessed with bags, did you know Trunki make fantastic water resistant bags that are just perfect for swimming? It’s called a Paddlepak. It is a fantastic invention and I just had to shout about it incase you have some little swimmers too. Paddlepak has enough room to store tasty treats, pocket money and sea shells. Made from lightweight, durable water-resistant material with hanging loops for pegging up or personalising. Great fun!

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The children love their Paddlepak bags, Isla has a pink Flo and Noah has a Chuckles the Clown Fish (which is known as Nemo of course). They have a safety buckle which is such a brilliant idea, it is a breakaway safety buckle at that – to ensure that children can keep safe. The material feels like a shell suit kind of material (I am an 80’s girl) – silky soft and smooth, but not that delicate as it feels incredibly durable, it is really lightweight too which is perfect for little bods.  There is a little loop for hooking the Paddlepak up in the changing rooms and off that wet soggy floor and I just love the way the bag does up. If you look at the photo below, the top of the bag rolls up and clips together, what a great idea?


They are a great price at £19.99, we have used ours weekly for nearly a year now and they are still in perfect condition, as they were when we first got them. It is great. It fits their towels, change of clothes and shampoo in the bags and it is just right for their swimming sessions. They fit comfortably on their backs too and for Isla, who is so dinky, it is essential to have comfortable things on her shoulders and she loves wearing her pink swimming bag.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019