You might think I am crazy but I love the fact that this oak tree shaped, black, piece of vinyl from Ink Mill Vinyl can be taken anywhere and it is an instant blackboard. There should be one in every house as far as I am concerned. We write messages on it for each other, draw pictures when we are feeling creative and Mummy likes to write the menu on it too. Just for fun! 

It’s great because Isla loves to draw and does so quite frequently, she will just have an art attack moment with the chalk. I love the oak tree shape too, it makes me think of the children as they develop from the little acorns to big mighty oaks. In whatever sense that might be! It is great quality too, it feels really strong which is great as the little ones do like to get a bit heavy handed at times. 

How do I order my vinyl? 

It’s really easy to order, you simply choose the shape you would like, in our case it was the oak tree and then choose the size of the product you would like. It is great you get the flexibility to choose the size, as some rooms you may need it to be extremely large and some you might want it little. If you want blackboard, choose speciality in the vinyl finish and blackboard is one of the choices. 

After choosing your vinyl you have to specify where you are going to put your wall art, this is so the clever magic pixies can put the right backing onto the vinyl. I guess some surfaces will need more stick than others. Then you can save your design and it comes delivered in a nice rolled up package. Safe and uncreased. 

Ink Mill Vinyl do not stop there, you may remember the fabulous giveaway over Christmas to win a height chart. There are so many fantastic vinyl products to choose from and they come in all different styles and colours too. There are a lot of ideas on the website, I would love to know which one you like the best in the comments below. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 31st January 2017