London is a great destination for everyone and it has something for people of all ages. While the city is well-known the world over for its vibrant nightlife, it is also a great places to visit with your family. Whether you are planning on bringing a baby or a toddler to London, there are plenty of fun and exciting things that you can do to keep them interested. Here are a few of them.

1. Visit the British Museum

The first place you should consider taking your kids is the 264 year-old British Museum. This popular London venue attracts six million visitors a year. Your kids are guaranteed to love the Egyptian mummies and ancient sculptures, and best of all, entry is free. If you do choose to pay, donate the recommended £5 to the museum, or pay admission fees for special exhibits.

2. Explore the HMS Belfast

The HMS Belfast is the only surviving navy cruiser from World War II. And for an admission fee of £16 for adults and £8 for kids, you all get to explore the nine decks of the ship, from the helm to the boiler room. To make the trip memorable, enlist the children in a Voyage of Discovery Trail where they hunt for clues hidden around the ship. They not only get to learn more about the ship, they can have fun as well.

3. Have Fun at the Unicorn Theatre for Children

It only takes five minutes to walk from London Bridge Station to the best professional theatre for kids in the country: the Unicorn Theatre for Children. Its shows are tailor-made for young audiences.

4. Play at the Diana Memorial Playground

This playground, which is located next to Kensington Palace, is designed for children aged twelve and under. It is built around a Peter Pan theme, and the centrepiece is a large wooden pirate ship. To complement it, there is a beach. Sculptures and tepees adorn the wildly popular Diana Memorial Playground.

5. Enjoy Interactive Exhibits at the Natural History Museum

This London landmark is full of interactive exhibits that make for a memorable day. The most popular perhaps is the dinosaur gallery. Here, kids interact with dinosaur of all shapes and sizes. Next in popularity is the mammals display with its full-size model of a blue whale. At the Central Hall, you find the museum’s centrepiece, the Diplodocus skeleton. No entry fees are charged except for special exhibits.

6. Visit the Museum of Childhood

The Museum of Childhood is dedicated to showing how childhood has been for British children in the last 150 years. Puppet shows, organized activities, exhibits and a sandpit for toddlers keep kids engaged for hours. Children also get the chance to dress up in Victorian attire.

It is possible for the whole family to enjoy a day in London. For fun activities that children can enjoy, why not visit the British Museum, Natural History or Museum for Children. Also consider visiting the HMS Belfast, Unicorn Theatre for Children and the Diana Memorial Playground. A tip for those who want to stay longer in London: if you need to book a hotel, you might want to check HotelsCombined for the best accommodation deals and top family-friendly hotels in the city.

National History Museum image by ShutterStock. 

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Last Update: Friday, 17th February 2017