Recently I was asked to review a toy from House of Fraser, yes you heard right House of Fraser! They have an amazing collection of toys that I didn’t realise they sold. It suddenly dawned on me when having so many things to choose from: how do you find the right toy for your child? 


Thankfully the House of Fraser website has clever filters and search facilities that really help you to drill down into a more specific area of the website, which cleverly has a specific set of products you can choose from. It does make it much easier. So here is what I did when choosing a toy for Noah: 

  1. I obviously had an inkling of the kind of toy that Noah would like. 
  2. Clicked through to House of Frasers toy section:
  3. If you scroll down on the left hand side you can choose an age range,  3-5 years old. 
  4. I then shortened the search down to under £30, as the budget I had was £15. 
  5. I then chose a category of toy, building blocks and construction toys, as I know that is Noah’s favourite. 
  6. Then my last click was choosing the brand, Lego. Noah loves his Lego at the moment.  I had lots of Lego toys to choose from and in the end we went with Lego fire and emergency, which was £16. 

My search started with over 2000 toys to look through and after I had use the clever filters I had only 22 options (at the time of doing the search). The delivery came just before our camping trip to Wales, so the set came with us and Noah was delighted to be able to build his new set in our new tent. 


I did a similar process with Isla and we ended up with a fabulous Anna doll that she loved taking camping with us. Again, I started with over 2000 toys to choose from and ended up with 6 in the Disney Frozen section, under dolls and dollhouses. Great choices. 

I hope you find this post useful and have fun picking out your children’s new toys, a nice treat for the end of the summer holidays! 


You can see all of the toys at House of Fraser on their website:, you can follow them on social media on their channels: @houseoffraser, Facebook (House of Fraser), Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018