This Fathers Day was spent doing fun things with Daddy and Grandad, so Daddy got to see his Daddy too: we had lots of fun doing Daddy & Grandad type of things and they got spoilt rotten with lots of presents to unwrap in the morning.


We took the doggies for a lovely walk in the morning and Noah had fun throwing stones in the river with Daddy whilst Grandad found a rather fun looking rope swing into the river.


We ran through fields and hid behind trees, climbed up hills and tried to find the Gruffalo like little mouse (but were unsuccessful) although Daddy saw a foxy. Isla had fun running around the park and entertaining herself, she loved being “free” which made Grandad and Nanny have a great big smile on their faces.


In the afternoon we took Noah and Isla for a trip on the miniature train and they both loved it. I think Daddy was more excited than Noah for a change, can you see the cheesy grin?


The best part about our day was that Daddy got to spend the day with his two babies and having fun, smiles all around and it was a lovely day. It made me so happy to see my little family happy and playing, that is what it is all about really, isn’t it?



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Last Update: Monday, 17th June 2013