I went and sourced some fabulous gifts for the home, a little last minute gift guide for those of you who still have shopping to do. I know I do… I love homeware gifts as they are something, that often, people can use daily – which means you are buying useful items. 

Bianca Floral Duvet set £29

Beautifully designed, the Bianca Cotton Floral Duvet Set from Room to Sleep features intricately drawn grey flowers on a soothing white cotton to create a simple but stylish duvet. The super soft-touch bedding is made from 100% cotton which is light and breathable, sending you into a cool and tranquil nights rest.

Tala touch lamp £75

An elegant cylindrical design showcases the magnificent character of the wood. The base features a slab of solid brass that acts as the touch-switch control. Every detail is considered for harmony, including the curvature of the lip towards the bulb holder. It’s a lovely lamp for any home. 

Procook Cast iron casserole dish £79

This lovely grey Procook cast iron casserole dish  is super quality. It is 20cm wide, so enough to fit in a yummy vegetarian casserole over Winter. Topped with a smart, stainless steel handle and enamelled inside and out with self-basting dots inside the lid. 

FlowerBe bouquet £35

These bouquets are just beautiful. My kitchen smells amazing, the roses have a really strong smell. FlowerBe deliver boxes of beautiful, carefully selected seasonal flowers direct to your door and leaves doing the arrangements up to you. This allows you to style your home with a personal touch, rediscovering the joy, art and creativity of flowers- rather than going into a store, picking up a bunch and plonking them in a vase.

The Gin Rack £35

The gin rack is a set of 5 delicious popular gin liqueurs and spirits, bottled to order and presented in a wooden bottle rack. These wonderful gin gifts for sale at Yumbles are perfect for gin fans!


  • Gooseberry Gin Liqueur 17%
  • Marmalady Seville Orange Gin 26%
  • Traditional Sloe Gin 25%
  • Damson Gin Liqueur 22%
  • Blackcurrant Gin Liqueur 20%

Perfect for any Gin aficionado! They are delicious. 

These items, should be available online to order and it will arrive before Christmas. Please do check on the websites for more information.

Do you have any other ideas for Christmas homeware gifts? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.   


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Last Update: Wednesday, 16th January 2019