Here are some great gifts for the children just in time for Christmas… boys and girls toys, from little ones to older ones. There’s something for everyone in here. Even some little sweet treats too… 

STAX Hybrid tuned racer £14.19 

This STAX Hybrid racer is brilliant for a master builder, it is a combination of: toy bricks, light and sound. The set comes with a power brick that is motion activation set. It is compatible with all major brick brands too, which is a great bonus for those children that have collections. 

Melissa and Doug pizza and cake set £24.99

Make and serve a tasty pizza, then celebrate with cake with this yummy looking pizza and cake set. Stick together slice apart pieces! Sturdy wood construction! 16 mix-and-match toppings! Helps teach shapes, fractions, sequencing, and other early math concepts; promotes visual perception skills, hand-eye coordination, and imaginative play.

Top Quarkz £9.95

Top Quarkz is The Remarkablz meets Top Trumps. This exciting game transforms scientists into superheroes. It’s not your standard Top Trumps game, we’ve added a special flavour to the game which makes it fun on the move or at home.

Bang on books Unicorn Oo £17.99

Bang on books have created some amazing, personalised, books for children. Unicorn Oo is a fabulous story, involving songs and a magical adventure that will help your little ones transport to the land of nod! 

ZURU Smashers £2-20

They’re oozy… and a little bit gooey. They’re GROSS Smashers! What’s inside the slimy eyeball? Just throw, smash, surprise to find over 100 disgustingly gross characters hiding inside! Can you find the eyeball with a SLIME surprise? 

Haribo Fairyland £2

This Haribo Fairyland set is just adorable. Every child would love this, I am sure. Delivering a sprinkling of magic this Christmas, the gift box includes an enchanting mix of unicorns and fairies in strawberries & cream and strawberry candy floss flavours. Making the perfect surprise from Santa, this fairy-tale treat is for believers only.

Pokémon plush toys £20 approx

Pokémon plush toys are a big thing for Christmas, the Snorlax is a great choice for the kiddies as he is round and snuggly. The characters to collect in the series are: Pikachu, Gengar, Eevee and Snorlax. They are super cute! 

Little creatures personalised book £16.99

These lovely personalised books are so cute. The “goes to sleep” book is created in partnership with the children’s sleep charity. You can add your child’s name to the design and their name is printed throughout the book. 

Gruffalo goodies £5-20

We still love the Gruffalo in our house and there are some fabulous goodies out there. Like this small Gruffalo plush toy, he is really cute and only £7.99.  There are lots of other fun Julia Donaldson products too.

Dodgy Dogs game is a fun, family, game about badly behaved dogs. The children will love playing this altogether on Christmas Day. I love gifts that mean you have to play together! 

These items, should be available online to order and it will arrive before Christmas. Please do check on the websites for more information.

Do you have any other ideas for Christmas gifts for the children? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.   

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Last Update: Thursday, 20th December 2018