I love finding new beauty essentials, especially ones that are reasonably priced. Eono at Amazon is the new beauty brand that is exclusive to Amazon. I have picked my 10 favourite beauty essentials from Eono at Amazon that will get you through this Summer.

All of the following products can be found at the exclusion Eono at Amazon online store: www.amazon.co.uk/eono.

Makeup brushes

I love makeup brushes, new ones are the best as they are clean from everyday make up build up. I love the idea of having a set of makeup brushes, 16 to choose from for different makeup. The Eono Essentials Make Up Brushes 16Pieces, Currently priced at £19.99 is a great deal and also would make a nice gift for a friend I think. I love the mermaid/unicorn themed colours.  

Or you could use the 15 brush set if you want to spend a little less: Eono Essentials Premium Make Up Brushes 15Pcs, Currently priced at £17.99. I am going to make it my Summer task to learn what all these different brushes do and see what effect that has on my makeup application.  

Then if you only want a choice of a few brushes, how about the Eono Essentials Eye Makeup Brushes 6Pcs, Currently priced at £5.99. This is a perfect travel sized set of brushes. The essentials!

The great thing about a flat top makeup brush is that it is ideal for liquids, I use liquid foundations and this is just perfect: Eono Essentials Foundation Kabuki Flat Top Make Up Brush, Currently priced at £7.99. I think it looks really stylish too.

I use an eyebrow brush every day, something I have only started doing in 2019. Who knew? This Eono Essentials Professional Duo Eyebrow Brush, Currently priced at £3.19 is perfect for keeping your eyebrows on point. Now, all makeup brushes need a cleaning tool, Eono Essentials Makeup Brush Cleaner Cleaning Tool, Currently priced at £4.99, is perfect for taking on your holidays with you. It is small enough to fit in your makeup bag.


Every makeup collection needs a bag, this Eono Essentials Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag, Currently priced at £7.99, is great for the Summer. You can hang it anywhere so it’s easy for travelling and if you want something to take on a quick weekend away or camping with the kiddies! Yes I do take makeup with me when we camp.

Having a mirror that can follow you on your Summer travels is important too. The Eono Essentials Portable Folding Makeup Mirror, Currently priced at £9.29, is a great price for a decent portable mirror. I love the stand that is built in meaning you can prop it up anywhere – wherever you are. Slip it in the picnic basket, or have it tucked in your luggage if you are off somewhere exciting for Summer.

Then the only other tools I wanted to bring to your attention are the Eono Essentials Eyelash Comb Curlers, Currently priced at £5.99 and the Eono Essentials Blackhead Remover Tool, Currently priced at £3.99. I hate blackheads and having a tool that removes them quickly amazes me. I have never seen an eyelash comb curler before either, it looks funky and a lot less scary than the traditional clamps.

What are your favourite beauty items? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant – what do you think of Eono at Amazon? Check them out and use the hashtag #EONOatAmazon on Instagram to show them some love!

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Last Update: Friday, 12th July 2019