If you run your own blog then you will understand the importance of connecting with the people who read your posts every single day. If you are looking for more ways to do that, then here are some tips to get you started.

Connect with Other Bloggers

The first thing that you need to do is connect with other bloggers. Blogging is a business that requires you to network and even build connections. You also need to focus on building healthy relationships and contacts at the same time. By doing this, you can then improve the engagement that you have on your blog. After all, the more relationships you build around your blog, the more your readership will improve, and this can have a huge impact on the audience you reach out to.

Respond to Comments

If your blog gets a lot of comments, then you have to make sure that you respond to them. When you do this, you can then boost the visibility of your brand and you can also prove yourself as being an authority too. It’s understandable that at times, you are going to be busy and that you might not always have time to respond to every single one. That being said, it’s important that you at least try. This will help you to connect with your viewers and it will also help you to create longer-lasting bonds. If you get a lot of mail from your viewers, then why not look into a po box alternative?

Speak with your Audience

Your brand voice should always be infused into your content. Your readers may come to you and they may have questions or even feedback regarding a recent post. When you speak to them, do so in your brand voice. This is the language that they understand, and it also helps to keep your blog consistent. When you are creating content, try and put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and also try and think about your buyer’s persona. When you do this, you can then create content that resonates with them.


A lot of people underestimate the power of humour and emotion. They don’t realise that sometimes a blog post that makes you cry, laugh or smile is just what you need. Being emotional will help you to move your audience and it may even put a smile on their face as well. Marketing a piece that connects with someone will then set off a chain reaction, and this can be powerful. When you create your next blog, try and create something that is really going to help you to stand out. You also need to try and experiment to see which theme gives you the most engagement. Sure, sometimes you may not want to blog about something personal to you, but by doing this, you can then remind your users that you are human, and this can give them something to relate to. You would be surprised at how much this can help them to see you for who you really are.

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Last Update: Friday, 22nd March 2019