It is no great secret that I adore the DotComGiftShop for little gifts and inspiration, I have been looking at all the lovely goodies for sale in the run up to Mothers Day and I thought I would write out my top 10 gifts for mum on Mothers Day for Sunday 30th March 2014 – there are some fantastic gift ideas.

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10) Natural slate chalkboard

This Natural slate chalkboard is perfect to write your mum a lovely Mothers Day message.


9) Glass Heart Trinket Pot

The Glass Heart Trinket Pot is a great idea to fill it with mum’s favourite sweeties and tie a pretty ribbon around the top!


8) Vintage Stop for Tea sign

I love this Vintage Stop for Tea sign, it would be a great idea to make her a nice cuppa and place the sign next to the cup.


7) Vintage Glass Cake Stand

Sticking with the vintage theme, I love this Vintage Glass Cake Stand – you could make mum a cake and display it proudly on this stand.


6) Eau De Toilette Bottle

I think this Eau De Toilette Bottle is a really pretty and re-useable bottle for mums favourite scent.


5) Bergamot and Vanilla candle

I love candles, especially after a long day at work and this Bergamot and Vanilla candle will smell amazing when mum wants a nice relaxing bath.


4) Set of 2 Botanical wooden trays

If you want to treat mum to a perfect breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, use the lovely Botanical wooden trays to display her breakfast elegantly.


3) Sweetheart Wire Fruit Bowl

This Sweetheart Wire fruit bowl would be perfect filled with mums favourite fruit.


2) Petit Four Patisserie Cake Stand

The Petit Four Patisserie cake stand is perfect to show off those yummy cupcakes you’ve made.


1) Wicker Heart Mirror

My favourite at the moment is the Wicker Heart Mirror, it is a beautiful mirror for mums space. This would look perfect with a pretty and delicate butterfly on the side of it. I was lucky enough to receive one of these fabulous mirrors, which hangs nicely at the bottom of the stairs and makes me smile everytime I see it. Especially when Isla catches her little face as we walk down the stairs, she gives herself the biggest grin. Its created some perfect family moments. 

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You can view all the fabulous gifts on the website: and you can keep up to date with the latest items and offers on Twitter: @Dotcomgiftshop and Facebook.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 25th March 2014