With the Winter Olympics ending yesterday it left me feeling a little sad, I have the Winter Olympic blues! I want to go to Sochi and enjoy a little bit of the winter activities. It would be fantastic to whizz off to somewhere cold and enjoy a spot of snowboarding. Reminds me of our pre-baby holiday, “babymoon” we had before we got pregnant with Noah. It was so much fun. monghead

But there is something a little different about taking leave from work to go on holiday, than to take yourself out of the office and work remotely – who says you can’t work remotely somewhere cold. Snowboard in the morning and log in to the office in the afternoon! Yes it can be done and now there is an app to make it all a lot easier to organise.

To combat the Winter Olympic blues Olympic Hangover has developed an app that allows people find remote working spaces and offices so that you can do the day job and then enjoy an afternoon skiing or skating etc. With remote working you have the freedom to work anywhere, why not take advantage of this and go somewhere you can enjoy a winter sport? You can still work after all! You can enter in other locations and resorts that you know that will allow you to enjoy the winter Olympics even now it has ended. This allows you to enjoy a winter sport holiday whilst working. It is really that simple!

 VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W


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