What with it being “spring clean” time and the fact that I have hit the nesting stages of pregnancy (yes we are due in 9 days time), I was very lucky to receive a few Dettol products to try around the house from the power and pure range: Dettol Power and Pure Multipurpose Kitchen Spray and Dettol Power and Pure Bathroom wipes.

Both of these products use an Active Oxygen ingredient that breaks down grease and dirt to just water and oxygen – so no need to rinse afterwards, no harsh chemicals are left behind and it kills 99.9% of bacteria!

The Power and Pure Multipurpose Kitchen spray is perfect for those houses that have little people and pregnant people, because not only does it not contain bleach products like other cleaners, it tackles grease in the same way, if not better from my experience and smells lovely! I can’t describe the smell as its quite unique, but it smells very fresh and makes my kitchen smell clean, without the need for the over powering bleach smell. After cooking a curry the other night, OK, well hubby cooked the curry, I gave the kitchen a super clean with the Power and Pure Kitchen spray and it needed no effort what so ever. Grease removed, no major scrubbing required, no smears, no greasy marks and more importantly hardly any effort – which is perfect at 9 months pregnant. I would recommend this cleaner for everyone’s kitchen!


The Power and Pure Bathroom wipes are just incredibly convenient and although it has meant that every night after my bath I have not been able to fight the need to use one and clean the bath and taps after myself, its no effort to do so what so ever. Every single day, I can quickly and efficiently clean the bathroom with minimal effort and just using one wipe it cleans the sink/bath and around the toilet (I do that last of course). The wipes smell clean and fresh, they leave no marks on the metal taps or smears. I know I can keep the bathrooms clean every day in between the big cleans and I cannot express enough how super efficient having wipes in the bathroom are.


To see more information on the fabulous Dettol Power and Pure products please visit the Dettol website: http://www.dettol.co.uk/power-and-pure.php

You can like Dettol on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/missionforhealth

Dettol are currently running a campaign “Mission for Health” which focuses on providing your family with a healthy and happy environment: there are 3 main categories to their mission, new mums, schools and disaster recovery – you can find out more on their webpage: http://www.dettol.co.uk/mission-for-health.php

The Power and Pure range is available from all good supermarkets and retailers, as a guide RRP are listed below:

· Power and Pure Bathroom Spray 750ml: £2.99
· Power and Pure Bathroom Wipes 36s: £2.03
· Power and Pure Bathroom Wipes 72s: £3.05
· Power and Pure Multi-Purpose Kitchen Spray 750ml: £2.99
· Power and Pure Multi-Purpose Kitchen Wipes 36s: £2.03
· Power and Pure Multi-Purpose Kitchen Wipes 72s: £3.05

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  • Marina
    Friday, April 10, 2020

    I was wondering are you 100% sure that dettol power and pure can be safely used by pregnant women? I use it to clean bathroom and kitchen but always worried about inhaling it

    • Muawia
      Tuesday, May 10, 2022

      Good question , I do not think there is any side effect , am been using Dettol for years now I never had any problem with it.