Daisy Roots – Satin Ballet Shoes


Daisy Roots sent us some absolutely gorgeous ballet shoes for Isla Rae and she wore them on her special day, her christening. The shoes are called Buttermilk Satin Ballet Style Shoes and you can find them on the Daisy Roots website.


They are beautifully made shoes, with non slip soles and they look really cute on babies feet. Daisy Roots work from Northamptonshire and have been making shoes since 1995, apparantly Northamptonshire is the home of English shoe-making.

I chose some very delicate shoes that Isla has only worn a couple of times, once for the christening and once for her photo shoot with all her christening clothes on – they looked adorable on her dinky feet and they complimented the dress perfectly.


The ballet shoes came in a lovely little bag, which will make a great keepsake for them, so that we can keep the shoes protected and safe over the years as I will be keeping these for when Isla is grown up and maybe she can pass them on to her little girl (if she has one). I am a sentimental old fool with things like that, but these are the perfect item to keep.




You can see all of the other Daisy Roots products on their website: http://www.daisy-roots.com/. You can like their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/daisyrootsuk and follow them on Twitter: @daisyrootsuk.




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