This is a fantastic opportunity to win a set of KAPLA blocks, KAPLA are identical wooden blocks. To create, you simply place the planks on top of each other. Their unique dimensions and the properties of perfectly cut French pinewood opening the way for infinite constructions – from palaces and bridges, to dragons or futuristic towers.

KAPLA is used today as a tool throughout the French education system, and in countries all over the world. Playing with the planks helps children understand geometry, physics, language, arts and other parts of your educational programme. The blocks are suitable for children aged two and up. It can be used individually according to each child’s abilities and when played within groups it also stimulates teamwork and cooperation. Just suggest themes or let the children follow their own imagination!


How do I win? 

All you have to do to win this fabulous prize, just in time for Christmas, is complete the options in the competition window below. Make sure you complete the mandatory options and there are extra ones in there for you too. It really is that simple!  If you get stuck on the first question here is a little inspiration from people around the world who have conjured up some incredible KAPLA constructions. 


This competition closes on 16th December 2016 at midnight! Good luck.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 6th December 2016