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Noah and Isla received a couple of the new classic Peppa Pig toys recently. They love Peppa Pig and have got into it more so over the past year. They love sitting and watching Peppa Pig together, its the one thing that the children do not argue over. Which is always nice. We love laughing at the end of the episodes with the Pig family and so to receive the laughing Peppa Pig was a bonus. It made us giggle just like they do in the program. 


Laugh with Peppa 

This toy is really fun, Isla couldn’t stop giggling when Peppa Pig giggles. It does exactly what it is meant to. Make you laugh. If you sit her up and press the button on her belly Peppa Pig giggles and moves her arms about like she is uncontrollably laughing. Noah and Isla tried to laugh like Peppa Pig and rolled around the floor waving their arms about. It was hilarious. It was nice to see them having so much fun with Peppa Pig. 

She has lots of little Peppa Pig style phrases too – like Let’s be silly, which is what the children love to do best. Laughing Peppa Pig needs 3 x AAA batteries, they have used the toy a lot this week and the batteries haven’t run out yet. You can’t help but laugh with the children when she kicks herself backwards and giggles. 


You can see more of the Peppa Pig classic toy range in the video below: 


Air Peppa Jet

The children had a lot of fun with the Holiday Jet set. It also reminded us that we are going on holiday next month, which is coming around very quickly. The plane does quite a lot, even hides rabbit the pilot so that you can sit Peppa in the driving seat. You can put the luggage away in the compartment and even take the roof off to see the characters get ready for their holiday. Noah and Isla enjoyed playing with this set, zooming it all over the lounge and adding extra characters to the plane too. They took a lot of cars on holiday! 


They discovered lots of doors and windows that open. The wheels move along too which makes it easy for the plane to be included in the role playing games. The children enjoyed telling each other what to do and how to fix it. A classic toy, from a classic show. They just love Peppa Pig! 






Both Laugh with Peppa and Air Peppa Jet are £19.99 from Argos. You can see a little video of the new Laughing Peppa Pig below if you would like to see in more detail what Peppa Pig does and how she works: 

Did you know there is going to be a Twitter frenzy on Wednesday 20 July, 1pm to 2:30pm where  @UKMumsTV will be announcing lots of prizes to win and showing everyone about the new Classic Peppa Pig toy range. All you need to do is follow the hashtag: #PeppaClassicToys. 

Peppa Pig classic BLOGGERS BUTTON

Look forward to seeing you at the party… 



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