Having the children share a bedroom is fine, but I like to make sure the bedding matches. If Isla has a particular style then Noah needs to have the same kind of style on his bed too. For example if Isla has a character, then Noah will have a character. I like things to look matching and our beds are the cosiest places, so it’s essential to get them looking perfect. 

We were sent bedding sets for Noah and Isla’s bed from Roomtogrow, they are beautiful. They are different, but the style is similar so they work really well together. Noah loves his design and Isla loves hers too. 

The Nordic set 

The pink nordic duvet set is really cute. One side is a geometric pink and grey pattern and the other side is a woodland animals, doodle type style. I love the foxes and the mushrooms! We got the set along with the fitted sheet to match, the geometric fitted sheet matches the underneath of the duvet set.  

Isla really loves this set, she always wants to have this on her bed. She loves sitting and looking at all of the doodles on the cover. I really like it because its white, it has plenty of colour on it and a lot of things to look at.  She shares her bed with a lot of soft toys, making sure they are comfortable and love their bedding is important too. Easter Bunny definitely approves! Isla’s favourite part of the bedding is the fox too. 

The Space set 

Noah’s set has a similar style to it, in that it has some super cool doodles on one side and a pattern on the other. The space duvet set is mainly white with blue and red doodles. The underneath of the blanket is covered in stars, perfect for a little man to dream about whilst he’s asleep. The stars fitted sheet matches this bedding set perfectly making it the best place to snuggle down at the end of the day. 

Noah loves his bedding, just as much as Isla does. Which is saying something as Noah doesn’t really pay attention to his bedding. More about how long he gets to play on his computer! He loves the doodles. His favourite bit is the stars and spaceship and the colours, he loves the blue. 

They love going to bed now. It’s amazing how much difference a bedding set can make. They have their own night lights and they love to snuggle in bed and read books before they drift off into a woodland or space themed dream! 

There are many products on the Room to grow website, from furniture to this amazing bedding. It is really good quality and washes really easily too – nice fabric that doesn’t need ironing. Perfect for us busy families.

It is definitely where dreams start….

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Last Update: Sunday, 18th March 2018